Friday, January 4, 2008

CDC Questions and Their Response

Our questions and emails with the CDC are up. Check them out here and comment on this post.
It should be mentioned--the CDC did not send us a hard document in the mail...
The only contact I had with them was by phone and email. In a phone conversation they told me a dialog with Dr. Haley would be counterproductive.


tkasemodel said...


I too had some conversations with the CDC this past year. I wanted to find out how the individual states Vaccines for Childrens Programs ordered mercury free flu vaccines, and what I found out disturbed me very much.

I contacted Julie Orta from the CDC, our state's VFC Program Project Officer and Dr. Gregg Wallace of the National Immunization Program as well. The end result is that the CDC seems to be in absolute control of the supply and demand of mercury free vaccines.

The CDC tells the states to order mercury containing vaccines because "the manufacturers do not make enough thimerosal free". This is actually because it is not ordered in enough quantity to sell it all each year. Then the CDC goes to the manufacturers and says the "people" want mercury containing vaccines, so they limit the amount of mercury free vaccine production.

There is much more to this but the long and the short of it is that as long as the CDC can say they can ignore state law and distribute mercury free vaccines "evenly among the states", they will apparently make sure that mercury remains in vaccines for years to come.

Tim Kasemodel
Wayzata, MN

AutismNewsBeat said...

The CDC was right - any conversation with Professor Haley regarding autism is bound to be counterproductive, as well as misinformed. He's not a credible expert in court, and he's not credible on TV, where he only looks the part.

tkasemodel said...

I am quite sure that the automotive industry once said any conversation with Ralph Nader "is bound to counterproductive".......

Tobbacco companies probably once said any conversation with independant cancer researchers "is bound to counterproductive".......

If an accused criminal told the prosecuting attorney that any conversation with a witness to the crime "is bound to counterproductive" do you think they would say "Uh...OK"??

Ashley Reynolds and her team did their job and did it well. They reported both sides and let the viewers decide for themselves. They did not take the bait from the CDC like so many other reporters do.

Autism News Beat said...

You're assuming way too much, TK. Ralph Nader and your straw man "cancer researchers" dealt in facts, not wild speculation. The vaccine debate will rise and fall on the science, not the inane ranting of fringe characters like Haley and Ayoub. It's easy to fool student reporters at a small market TV station, and apparently it's easy to fool you, too. But judges aren't falling for it, and neither are the bona-fide researchers who concluded years ago that vaccines and mercury are not linked to autism.

TrumpingANB said...

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BillinMidMO said...

Once Again...I would point out that in Missouri (its KOMU in Columbia Missouri folks) vaccines for preschool age kids do NOT have Thimerosol as a preservative, and have not for some time. This was at the insistence of emotional testimony at the State Legislature from parents of children with autism, and NOT based on any science. (MMR and other "live attenuated" vaccines have NEVER had a preservative.)
Know that there are folks out there who do not believe in vaccines for cult-like reasons. There are also folks out there who believe aliens are held at area 51, the World Trade Center was an "inside job" with planted devices, and that Fluoridation is a communist plot.
These people anti vaccine people have taken advantage of families experiencing the pain of Autism to promote their ideas. They have also taken advantage of the gullible kid reporters at KOMU.

ANB said...


You can find at least one MD or PhD to sign on to any idea, no matter how loopy. The vaccine "controversy" has lots of parallels with the hubbub over teaching evolution in public schools. The self-styled creationism "think tanks" are stocked with PhDs of all stripes who wrap themselves in the respectability of science, yet publish utter nonsense. A judge in Pennsylvania saw through the dishonesty of "intelligent design" a few years ago, just as judges in other venues are seeing through characters like Boyd Haley and Mark Geier today.

I wish news outlets took science reporting as seriously as their sports coverage. KOMU would never send a reporter who didn't know a safety from a wide receiver to cover a football game. Is public health less important?

lindaweino said...


You may be correct that pre-school vaccines do not contain thimerosal as a preservative. But it is used in the manufacturer in process. Who is checking to see how much mercury is left behind after manufacturing and chelation process? Nobody. Do you really believe there is a safe level of a neuro toxic substance?
Research done at the University of Missouri showed that a single nanomolar amount of thimerosal is toxic to tissue cells.

You stereo typing of parents as anti vaccine is entirely misplaced, we were pro-vaccine and vaccinated our kids. That is why we warn others. Informed consent is necessary when dealing with others children. We believed what we were told, Vaccines are safe, and found out the hard way.

As a nurse it is hard to believe you don't see that a group of susceptible infants and toddlers, that don’t excrete heavy metals, could be damaged by microgram amounts of thimerosal which damages tissue cells at nanomolar levels. Common sense would tell you to not use mercury, the second most toxic substance known to man, in vaccines.

ANB said...

As a nurse, Bill appreciates the value of evidence, and the folly of magical thinking.

Reconsider 1979 said...

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