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The Series and Hour Special

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Fun in the Windy City

I took a day to gather my thoughts on the trip. I had a wonderful time. I talked to so many people. This was a great experience to travel and meet people that have been touched by the series. The Internet is such a powerful tool to reach people on a global scale. That's exactly what this series did. By not only reporting the issues that surround autism, but showing the process of the series on this blog, built a strong audience.

I hope the panel brought topics to the forefront on how to develop a stronger relationship between the autism community and journalists. I was humbled to be part of the collective conversation.

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Journalism Panel















Good A.M.

Saturday Morning. Big day!


Good Times

Things are going very well. I thought the journalism panel was productive. I think we all gave good insight to parents and doctors.
My video is taking a while to load...but I do have some clips.

Parents and doctors keep approaching me. It is so great to meet so many faces!

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Haley video




Jenny McCarthy just got done talking. I was in the very back. I have yet to hear her talk about her son going into a seizures for 70 hours then going into a coma for 4 days. Apparently she is going to do chelation this summer.

The video that she showed at the end--She is producing with Jim. It was a griping video with some of her best quotes when she has appeared on shows.

I am going to see Haley this afternoon.






Made it.
The place is packed and doctors are everywhere. I will update later. I have Internet in here! yahoo!



Yahoo! Pre-Airport




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Hello! Pre-Windy City

Hello! Looking forward to Chicago! Thanks for stopping by!


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Comment-Commending List

This item was emailed to this blog--AR

The undersigned organizations and individuals are commending KOMU TV on the excellent investigative report, "Combating Autism from Within." The friends and families of vaccine-injured children, with mercury induced autism, congratulate you on the recent coverage and discussions of this serious disorder which has reached epidemic levels across the United States.

We are so pleased to see the extensive research reported to reveal the struggles families face and the truth about the poisoning of a generation of children through the use of thimerosal containing vaccines.

The Missouri School of Journalism should be proud, this report exemplifies why it is known as the leader in the world for students desiring careers in Journalism. We believe the experience and training these student/reporters have gained through this series will prove to be immeasurable for advancement and professional careers in the media.

The amount of science that was covered is the most in-depth, thoughtful and truthful investigation we have watched unfold by any journalist, during the fifteen year explosion in diagnoses of vaccine related autism.

The journalistic integrity and credibility at KOMU has allowed your viewers to see the reality of children affected by autism and the blatant falsehood of the government and medical community trying to keep this tragedy from being exposed. Your unbiased and accurate report was the first to acknowledge the conflicts of interest which have infested the medical community where a "First Do No Harm" attitude should prevail. The heart breaking lack of medical, educational and social service support for these families was reported in a respectful and meaningful way.

Ashley Reynolds and her team uncovered and reported the misleading information, that is often provided by CDC or pharmaceutical funded scientists, and reported the fact that mercury is still in most flu, tetanus, and diphtheria/tetanus vaccines--and an array of vaccines still contain "trace" amounts. (The term "trace" is not recognized as a scientific term.)

We were pleased to see honest interviews with known experts Dr. Boyd Haley and Dr. David Ayoub speaking about the relationship between mercury exposure and neurological injury. Ms. Reynolds secured an exclusive interview with local resident and former chairman of the Microbiology Department, Dr. Frank B. Engley, Jr., whose studies from 1940's-90's found toxicity of thimerosal at a nanomolar level.

The parents of children suffering from vaccine-induced illnesses applaud you for speaking out about the families' tragedies and reporting the research supporting a causal link between mercury in vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

We sincerely appreciate your brave reporting of all sides of the devastating disorder of autism. We look forward to your hour presentation in February.


A-Champ Advocates for Children's Health Affected by Mercury

Alan D. Clark Research Memorial Fund

Albert W. Burgstahler, PhD., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry; University of Kansas

ARROW- Autism Recovery Resources of Washington

Autism One

Autism United

Boyd Haley, PhD., Professor of Chemistry; University of Kentucky PhD.

CoMeD; The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs

Darrel G. Moreland, DDS, MSD

David Ayoub, MD

Edward F. Fogarty, III, M.D. and Family

Exceptional Families Network

Frank B. Engley Jr., PhD., Former Professor and Chairman of Micro Biology; and Assistant Dean of the School of Medicine University of Missouri

Foundation for Autism Information and Research

Foundation for Mercury Injured Children

Generation Rescue

HEAL! Healing Every Autistic Life

MAM- Moms Against Mercury

Michael J. Cannon, DO

NAA National Autism Association

No Mercury

Oklahoma Autism Coalition

Prairie Collaborative

Richard Deth, PhD., Professor of Pharmacology Northeastern University, Massachusetts

Safe Minds

Schafer Autism Report


The Wyatt Holliday Foundation

World Mercury Project

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Comment-Thank You

This item was emailed to this blog--AR

Thank you, Ashley Reynolds and team!!

Sincerely, thank you for having the courage to go where few others have during this very trying, tumultuous time.

Your journalistic integrity and talent are refreshing and very warmly welcomed!!

Best wishes to all of you,

The Wessels

Lin Wessels
Sam's MAMA
(Mom on A Mission for Autism)

"Even if your are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."

Landmark Admission; Parents Making a Difference

This item was emailed to this blog-AR

In November of 2007 Hannah Poling was recognized as being adversely affected by over-vaccination. We are only now finding out about this because of the Fourth Estate, the government has been trying to keep this under wraps for months.

It is no surprise to me that the first mission of guilt in this issue is for a child of parents who's degrees include MD, PhD, RN, and JD. Now that the courts have recognized a link between vaccinations and neurological damage to children, we need to revisit public policy.

Individual vaccines can't get much safer but vaccine protocols certainly could, quite easily. The 2008 CDC protocol for pediatric vaccines is not the safest of all ways to accomplish the goal of immunity of multiple infectious diseases. There are better ways to vaccinate than the CDC wants to admit, its all over the KOMU Combating Autism From Within blog.

Fingerstick titer checking technology will prevent this wide-scaleover-vaccination of children. Such a simple lab test could tell you whether an additional "booster" is needed, the idea has already beendone for HIV titer checks to diagnose disease, we could use it here and now with minor modifications. The vast majority of kids (95%) are immune for life to measles-mumps and rubella (MMR) after one dose. More than half are immune to Hepatitis B for a long time after onedose.

Why are we wasting 3 extra "boosters" on kids who are already immune at their most neurologically tender moment? Sadly, we "scientific" physicians never check titers, we never use evidence based laboratory science to justify second, third, and fourth shots. Parents need to be made aware of this medical option to avoiding over vaccination, in fact, it should be in hospital and clinic consent forms.

Those in medicine better learn quickly that to give consent to a vaccine that you don't need and were not told of a viable option for avoidance (titer check) should pay attention here as this is one of the many legal liabilities that could lead a hospital or clinic into a lawsuit that has no one else on the table for suit by an injured person.

Governments and school districts would be better served to require titer levels not written records of vaccine shots. Titer levels are scientific evidence of immunity, a vaccine record isn't.

Actually a lot of money could be saved across the board by doing this more scientifically. One might think innovative insurance companiesand state level public health officers would get on board if the real vaccinomics were better understood with respect to checking titers to avoid over use of vaccines in the already immune children who are going through the motions for the sloth of not being as scientific as we could be in medicine.

Ironically, we may be on the cusp of Hep B vaccine failures in children born to women who are immune to Hep B vaccine as the maternalantibodies will cross the placenta and prevent immunization in some percentage of kids for up to a year (the whole Hep B schedule iscrammed into the first year).

This is a gaping hole in CDC policy. Shouldn't we be checking titers? Seems pretty obvious, but culture dominates medical thought more than science as I think the University of Missouri School of Journalism has learned through this project.

For the Poling family, public policy finally lost to extensive clinical science in a resource rich family. In this one case, anamazing family of intellect with a father holding an MD and a PhD andmother holding an RN and JD, have a child who has been recognized as adversely affected by vaccines. The average child adversely affected and not studied appropriately by the conflicted pediatricians giving the vaccines out will not be so lucky in this stacked game of

It is true that a vast majority of children will not be affected by the administration of additional vaccinations. But if epidemiological purposes can be met with a more "surgical" approach, there is no reason to endanger a genetically vulnerable child. It is my opinion that all US physicians should thoroughly read the Simpsonwood document which is the most honest assessment of the relationship of vaccines to autism and shows a clear signal ofuncertain strength depending on which "artist" of epidemiology is interpreting the data. It has more to do with the sum of all exposures than any one component of the CDC schedule and we have wasted much time focusing attention onthimerosal, not because its not involved here but it is only a part of the epigenetic effect in the vulnerable populace.

Finally, the Fourth Estate is starting to pay some real attention to this issue, if only for the media hype of this one blessed child, who has a set of parents that are among the few that could even win a judgement like this.

Edward F. Fogarty, III, MD
Chairman of Radiology
University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Father of the child in the image below:

Closing Comments-Anne Dachel

This item was emailed to this blog--AR

The stunning court case conceding that vaccines were related to autism just last week in Georgia is the beginning of the public's awakening to the truth about autism and vaccines. Many voices are out there questioning the tired claims of public health officials about vaccine safety. The issue is unstoppable now and it will only get more attention in the press.

Ashley Reynolds and her team were among the first few courageous voices in the media presenting the issue in a truly fair and balanced manner. They had to face the criticism from local health officials and university professors, but they were unwilling to downplay the facts they uncovered.

This blog may end, but this outstanding news series will live on!

Anne McElroy Dachel

Member of the board of A-CHAMP

Media Editor: AGE OF AUTISM

Closing Reminder

Don't forget--Our last active day is Monday. I will be in St. Louis all day on Monday. Once I get back, I will take care of any last comments or posts... Then as of Tuesday this blog will be inactive. You can visit, but you can't make comments.

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Senator John McCain Re-Ignites Autism Debate by Jeffrey Dach MD

Senator John McCain Implicates Vaccines in Autism

Senator John McCain has gone on record questioning the role of vaccines causing the increasing Autism epidemic. (13 )(14 )

“It’s indisputable that autism is on the rise among children. The question is, What’s causing it? And we go back and forth, and there’s strong evidence that indicates that it’s got to do with a preservative in vaccines.” says John McCain, Republican nominee for president.

The vaccine preservative is called thimerosol, also known as ethyl mercury. This statement places republican senator John McCain in the same camp with democrat Robert F Kennedy Jr .

Vaccine Court Admits Vaccination Caused a Child's Autism.

In an unprecedented and stunning verdict this month, the Vaccine Court has awarded compensation to a 9 year old girl, Hannah Poling of Athens Georgia who became autistic after vaccination. The girl has a documented underlying mitochondrial disorder. (1)(5)(6)(7)(11)

Hannah Poling appeared to be a normal child with normal verbal ability until she was vaccinated with 9 vaccines (5 shots) during a routine pediatric visit. Within 48 hours of the vaccination, Hannah developed high fever, cried continuously and stopped walking. Her sleep pattern was disturbed, and she was unable to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Within three months, Hannah showed typical signs of autism, with autistic behavior such as spinning, staring at lights and fans, and severely reduced verbal ability.

Is Autism caused by Mutation in Mitochondrial DNA Aggravated by Toxins and Immune Challenges?

Hannah's father, Jon is a neurologist and wrote a case report about his daughter's mitochondrial disorder and autism.(19 ) A Portugese study suggested that mitochondrial dysfunction might be one of the most common disorders in Autism. (20 ) Others have found mitochondrial SNP genetic defects in autism involving the Mitochondrial Aspartate/Glutamate Carrier. (22 )(23 ) Dr. Pons at Columbia found mitochondrial DNA mutatons in 5 of 5 autistic children or their mothers.(25 )

Institutional Medicine Denies Any Autism Link with Vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics have all denied any linkage between the vaccines and autism.

Institutional Medical Groups Petitioned for Mercury Removal from Vaccines

In 1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics joined the CDC, the FDA, and the National Institutes of Health issued a joint statement urging vaccine manufacturers to remove Thimerosol. (18 )

As of January 2008, most vaccines are thimerosol-free.(15 ) (16 ) However, the following vaccines still contain thimerosol (mercury): Multi Dose DT, Tetanus, Influenza, Multi-Dose Meningococcal.

For more on the Vaccine Autism link: Autism Vaccine Link Real or Imagined? (12 )



(1 )
USA Today Story, Officials: Vaccines may have injured girl
MILWAUKEE (AP) — Government health officials have conceded that childhood vaccines worsened a rare, underlying disorder that ultimately led to autism-like symptoms in a 9-year-old girl, and that she should be paid from a federal vaccine-injury fund.

(2 )
Senator McCain: "Strong Evidence" of Autism-Vaccine Link
David Kirby Sat Mar 1, 4:21 PM ET Dear Senator McCain, It was with some amazement that I read about your comments, made tonight while campaigning in Texas, about a possible link between mercury in vaccines and autism.According to Jake Tapper at ABC News, a Texas mother of a child with autism asked you about the Federal Court document, first reported on Huffington Post last Monday, in which Justice Department officials conceded that vaccines had aggravated one child's underlying medical condition, resulting in a diagnosis of autism.

(3 )
Autism: Removing Thimerosal From Vaccines Did Not Reduce Autism Cases In California, Report Finds ScienceDaily (Jan. 8, 2008) — Autism cases continued to increase in California after the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal was eliminated from most childhood vaccines, according to a new report.This suggests that exposure to thimerosal is not a primary cause of autism.

(4 )
David Kirby letter to McCain on Huffington Post

(5 )
The Vaccine-Autism Court Document Every American Should Read Posted February 26, 2008

(6 )
sunday herald. US to award vaccine damage payment By Judith Duffy, Health Correspondent Campaigners hail decision as ‘unprecedented’ A DECISION by the US government to award compensation under its vaccine damage programme to a child diagnosed with symptoms of autism has been hailed as "unprecedented" by campaigners.

(7 )
Autism payout reignites vaccine controversy 08 March 2008 From New Scientist Jim Giles

(8 )
Case renews debate on vaccine-autism link

(9 )
AP News, Government Concedes Vaccine Injury Case
By MARILYNN MARCHIONE Government health officials have conceded that childhood vaccines worsened a rare, underlying disorder that ultimately led to autism-like symptoms in a Georgia girl, and that she should be paid from a federal vaccine-injury fund.

(10 );cid=1139523449&ei=9UzOR7fiEoT2-wGmh4nvDg
Imus, McCain, Autism, and 08 Posted March 4, 2008 Transcript of radio interview.

(11 )
March 6, 2008 Girl, 9, Helps Link Vaccines to Autism Cause By ALISON YOUNG The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 03/06/08 In a move autism family advocates call unprecedented, federal health officials have concluded that childhood vaccines contributed to symptoms of the disorder in a 9-year-old Georgia girl.

(12 )

(13 )
March 4, 2008, McCain: ‘Strong Evidence’ Links Autism to Vaccines Posted by Jacob Goldstein

(14 )
Into the Fray Over the Cause of Autism New Yoirk Times By BENEDICT CAREY March 4, 2008
“It’s indisputable that autism is on the rise among children,” Senator John McCain said while campaigning recently in Texas. “The question is, What’s causing it? And we go back and forth, and there’s strong evidence that indicates that it’s got to do with a preservative in vaccines.”

(15 )
Thimerosal Content of Vaccines Routinely Recommended for Children 6 Years of Age and Younger - (updated 7/18/2005)

(16 )
Thimerosal Content in Some US Licensed Vaccines updated January 28, 2008

(17 )
Robert F Kennedy Jr Web Site

(18 )
CDC Joint Statement asking for removal of thimersol from vaccines

(19 )
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Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism
Jon S. Poling, MD, PhD Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD

(20 )
Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders: a population-based study
G Oliveira L Diogo M Grazina P Garcia A Ataíde Oeiras, Portugal.

Abstract. A minority of cases of autism has been associated with several different organic conditions, including bioenergetic metabolism deficiency. In a population-based study, we screened associated medical conditions in a group of 120 children with autism (current age range 11y 5mo to 14y 4mo, mean age 12y 11mo [SD 9.6mo], male:female ratio 2.9:1).

Children were diagnosed using Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria, the Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised, and the Childhood Autism Rating Scale; 76% were diagnosed with typical autism and 24% with atypical autism. Cognitive functional level was assessed with the Griffiths scale and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and was in the normal range in 17%. Epilepsy was present in 19 patients. Plasma lactate levels were measured in 69 patients, and in 14 we found hyperlactacidemia. Five of 11 patients studied were classified with definite mitochondrial respiratory chain disorder, suggesting that this might be one of the most common disorders associated with autism (5 of 69; 7.2%) and warranting further investigation.

(22 )
Linkage and Association of the Mitochondrial Aspartate/Glutamate Carrier SLC25A12 Gene With Autism
Nicolas Ramoz, Ph.D., Jennifer G. Reichert, B.Sc., Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D., Jeremy M. Silverman, Ph.D., Irina N. Bespalova, Ph.D., Kenneth L. Davis, M.D., and Joseph D. Buxbaum, Ph.D.

(23 )
Am J Psychiatry 162:2182-2184, November 2005
Confirmation of Association Between Autism and the Mitochondrial Aspartate/Glutamate Carrier SLC25A12 Gene on Chromosome 2q31 Ricardo Segurado, B.A., Ph.D., Judith Conroy, B.A.,

(24 )
AUTISM: THE EVOLUTION OF A DISEASE Bryan Jepson, MD Presented at the National Autism Association conference
asssociated with Thoughtful House and Wakefield

(25 )
J Pediatr. 2004 Jan;144(1):81-5.
Mitochondrial DNA abnormalities and autistic spectrum disorders.

Pons R, Andreu AL, Checcarelli N, Vilà MR, Engelstad K, Sue CM, Shungu D, Haggerty R, de Vivo DC, DiMauro S. Departments of Neurology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, New York 10032, USA.

OBJECTIVES: To further characterize mtDNA defects associated with autistic features, especially the A3243G mtDNA mutation and mtDNA depletion.

Study design Five patients with autistic spectrum disorders and family histories of mitochondrial DNA diseases were studied. We performed mtDNA analysis in all patients and magnetic resonance spectroscopy in three.

RESULTS: Three patients manifested isolated autistic spectrum features and two had additional neurologic symptoms. Two patients harbored the A3243G mutation. In two others, the A3243G mutation was not found in accessible tissues but was present in tissues from their mothers. The fifth patient had 72% mtDNA depletion in skeletal muscle.

CONCLUSIONS: Autistic spectrum disorders with or without additional neurologic features can be early presentations of the A3243G mtDNA mutation and can be a prominent clinical manifestation of mtDNA depletion. Mitochondrial dysfunction should be considered in patients who have autistic features and associated neurologic findings or who have evidence of maternal inheritance.

Jeffrey Dach MD
4700 Sheridan Suite T
Hollywood Florida 33021

Original article can be found here.

(c) 2008 all rights reserved Jeffrey Dach MD

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Last Words

Here is a post for final comments....

Closing March 10th

We will be closing the blog March 10th. The blog will still be here, but becomes inactive March 10th. I will also be stepping back from my gmail account.

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Closing Blog

We will be closing the blog in about two weeks. I will let you know the date soon.

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Site Crashed

Because of our high amount of hits... The video is not working correctly. I will post on the blog once the show is up

Special is Online

The show has aired and you can watch here.
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There are seven parts in our hour long special.
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This week every night I ended up leaving the station around 5am. Thursday night, I came into the station around 5pm and didn't leave till 4pm on Friday...The team has worked countless hours for this show.

The Combating Autism From Within show, following the series, is ready for air.
The hour special will feature a look back at the families we featured along with updates. We will also look back into our investigation. Along with reading comments from the series, there is a story on our blog and behind the scenes from the crew that made this series possible.

Once the series is online, I will create a post with a link. We would love to hear from you. You can also send your comments to the station here

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Anne Dachel: anti-vaccine activist???

This item was emailed to this blog--AR

I read the comment referring to me as an anti-vaccine activist: "You were introduced to autism last June when you interviewed Dr. Miles. After the story ran, you were deluged with messages from anti-vaccine activists, such as Anne Dachel at Age of Autism. The activists convinced you there was another side to the story that needed to be told, and that's what precipitated the Combating Autism series."
I've never thought of myself of being "anti-vaccine." I'm dedicated to publicizing the epidemic of autism affecting a generation of children, yet which is unrecognized by the medical community and the federal health agencies.
The reference was made to "another side to to the story that needed to be told." Isn't that what legitimate journalism is all about? Isn't the media obligated to investigate and fairly present issues like this? Ashley Reynolds gave us some of the most balanced coverage we've ever seen in the press.
Anne Dachel
Media Editor: AGE OF AUTISM
Member of the board of A-CHAMP

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Rumor Has It

Word has been buzzing and got to me... A few people have told me they have heard the series is tainted because someone in my family has autism.
This is not the case at all. There is no one in my family that has autism.
In my nine years of working in journalism... I knew very little about the disorder until I started working on the first story last June.
No one in my family has autism.
If anyone has any further questions, you can email me at

In the meantime, I hope to post a video promo of the show in a week or so.

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another blog comment on autism

This item was emailed to this blog--AR

I have to say, Fogarty, Haley, Ayoub and Engley are undoubtedly on to something. As a mom who loves and cherishes ALL FOUR of her children, I am very willing to listen to the facts and do what I can to TREAT and/or RECOVER my son.

I do hang on to hope...I have to. I admit, when my son was first diagnosed, and I heard some of the crazy ideas about NUTRITION and VACCINATIONS affecting these kids, I thought it was ludicrous. However, since truly looking AND listening, I have done a complete "180". The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. As a health professional - but more so as a parent - I won't close my eyes and refuse to believe what's right out in front of me just because the bureacracies in our country are in denial.

I accept and embrace my son AS IS, but what kind of a mother would I be if I wasn't ready to look at ALL TREATMENTS with an open mind?

Tricia Kiefer, RN BAN
Nurse Manager, Birthcenter One