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Hopeful Leadership in Treating Autism

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Despite the incredibly complex situation as relates to autism, there is hope-I strongly encourage parents and journalists visiting this site to watch the entire video above and pay attention to some of the academic credentials of some of the people involved here.
The function of children on the autistic spectrum can be improved, more and more children are showing such gains after leaving the treatment of establishment physicians. Some card-carrying members of the AAP (such as in my community) are starting to pay attention so that over time this situation will continue to improve despite the attacks on the brave clinicians who are taking on this uphill battle.
The continued improvements in increasingly larger numbers of kids is further evidence that we have neglected one of the most common pediatric problems. The neglect goes back decades to Bernard Rimland, PhD who first debunked the "bad mothering" theory from another PhD of my Alma Mater. This neglect really has huge impacts on our country's GDP down the line and state budgets RIGHT NOW.
The collective neurobehavioral functioning of this society's children needs to climb quickly so that the numerically heavy population needing their work productivity in the next 30 years will actually have a societal safety net. The baby boomers who are so set on denying this are the same people that will reap the rewards of their neglect of this issue, unfortunately a lot of lawyers, farmers, accountants, truck drivers, some teachers and others of that generation's cohorts really don't realize what the MDs of their generation are neglecting here.

Autism is treatable, and its not just behavioral interventions or by the use of a single pharmacologic approach; its complicated and its high time the real geniuses inside academic medicine started paying attention to the people on the video above.

Thanks again to KOMU and the University of Missouri School of Journalism.
There are likely few other Journalism Schools in this country (land of the free home of the brave) that would have the guts to face the wrath of academic medicine on their own university quadrangles as relates to the topics you have addressed here. Another sign of the the coercive nature of the health profession that screams across campus at those interested in finding the truth.
Seems rather unhealthy, doesn't it?

Edward F. Fogarty, MD
Chairman of Radiology
University of North Dakota School of Medicine


AutismNewsBeat said...

What is your take of Dr. Wakefield? Does it bother you that his MMR in the gut study has never been replicated? Does that take away from his credibility?

FOGARTY said...

What is your take of Thomas Verstraaten? Does it bother you that he works for Glaxo Smith Kline and has dodged a US congressional subpeona on the autism-thimerosal connection he ferreted out and then obscured by reworking the epidemiological data as is so evident in the Simpsonwood conference?

Does integrity in science matter to you only if it allows mercury sensitive individuals to keep getting pushed down a molecular hill that others traverse with ease?

Physicians are afraid to repeat what Wakefield only alluded to in his initial study because of the witch hunt that the British Medical Authorities started with him-if only such scrutiny of integrity went both ways, there would be a lot of more people out of work than him on the other side of this deal. Are you saying that in the universe of all live virus vaccines there has not been one child chronically infected with them in a way that created an adverse neurological event on a long horizon?

For those in search of more information take a peak at this investigative journalist's work on some of the issues:

AutismNewsBeat said...

But some researchers did attempt to replicate Wakefield. And several years passed between his original 1998 Lancet article, and the point when the fraud was discovered.

The reason I asked is that the video you reference offers up Wakefield as some kind of prophet, and I'm wondering "What exactly did he accomplish?" What is he doing at a DAN! conference?

If neither of us know, that's fine.


Did you say something again ANB?

Here's more science for you to study:

I remember Dr. El-Dahr in that video-hopeful and courageous; clearly someone who is working to improve this situation from within academic medicine despite the oppressive culture.

Check her credentials:
Jane M.S. El-Dahr, M.D.
Professor and Chief, Section of Pediatric Immunology, Allergy & Rheumatology, Department of Pediatrics, Tulane Hospital for Children

Maybe U of Missouri's own Dr. Miles and Dr. Cooperstock could be mature adults here and address the concerns of the fourth estate in the local academic community by having a round table with Dr. El-Dahr from Tulane-that would be a great peer to peer discussion on what these kids really need and even further societal good would move through this debate.

Each year more recovered children are making those with their heads in the sand on this look even more foolish. Autism is treatable, part of the treatment is a detoxification protocol-as the cutting edge of clinical care produces more recovered kids there will be a "failure to treat" legal liability that will befall those who continue to neglect the molecular genetics and basic science indicating the slow kinetics of heavy metals in these kids and the chronic GI issues of many deep in the spectrum.

These kids keep getting vaccines in some pediatrics practices even after there are early concerns for autism, precautionary principle would say to pull out the 18 month old showing signs of autism from the CDC schedule.

SIMPLE LOGIC: An environmentally sensitive child should not receive injected aluminum adjuvants or mercury containing preservatives once clinically identified.

My specialty is going to make aluminum adjuvants look really bad in the next decade in the metal-impaired population with Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

This is all going to catch up to the CDC, IOM, and the turncoats in the AAP that said 9 YEARS AGO to get the thimerosal out but are still allowing it in pregnant females as a KNOWN TERATOGEN in flushots. I don't image pregnant women with a known tetratogen of radiation when much less damaging imaging modalities are available. So why are OBs giving flushots with thimerosal, why isn't flumist the only allowed vaccination-admission of guilt?

Wouldn't a 6 month old kid rather have a painless flu inoculation into the nares instead of a shot with thimerosal? Too bad we can't ask the ones that may have been able to talk had they not gotten the critical load of mercury that their genetics couldn't handle.

Vaccines are associated with neurodevelopmental delays in linear fashion as reflected in the data discussed Simpsonwood. This is a grayscale phenomena that mimics the association of radiation to cancer and thus becomes impossible to pin down to one exposure or one toxin or one vaccination-thus the whole CDC schedule is suspect. I have plastered this all over this blog. No one in medicine can debate me or Haley or Ayoub or Engley on the lack of real safety of alot of this. Many are coming to know exactly how this is happening and how to prevent it. There are much safer vaccine schedules that exist beyond the hubris of the CDC's mandate. Smart pediatricians are starting to listen because of discussions like this in increasingly smaller segments of society that have still have democratic fundamentals.

For the transparency that our federal government is trying to deny, here is a copy of the IOM transcript on MMR:
At least the IOM did the right thing on this prior vaccine safety cover-up (that one's a doooozzzie):
Notice how many decades it took for that one to get fleshed out? Some of the most trusting white sheep of medicine still believe the CDC because they are afraid to question dogma; definition of academic sheep.



AutismNewsBeat said...

How do you define "recovered" as it relates to children with autism? I asked Ashley Reynolds this question several months ago, and don't recall seeing an answer. I think it's important that two sides that don't agree on an issue at least define certain critical words the same way.

Also, does the SUNY Buffalo study that Tricia cites support the idea that chelation cures autism? She seems to think so. If Tricia is right, then what reasons can you give, other than "huge conspiracy", why the mainstream medical community doesn't embrace chelation as a cure for autism?

Thanks, Ted!

EFFIIIMD said...

As you and I will agree its time for big studies in the metal detoxifcation impaired subset of autistic children. Select them appropriately and give them DMSA. Early clinical indicators in the study below should encourage the establishment here with your vocal advocacy for helping these kids ANB.

Lets do some molecular math again, I know you will get this eventually because you are an inherently good human being looking out for the neurological health of our country with all you do to educate people on this issue in your spare time...
others, check out how great ANB is in other posts on this blog-guy is incredible.

1: Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2006 Jul 15;214(2):99-108. Epub 2006 Jun 16.

Porphyrinuria in childhood autistic disorder: implications for environmental

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To address a possible environmental contribution to autism, we carried out a
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to a Paris clinic (2002-2004), including 106 with autistic disorder. Urinary
porphyrin levels determined by high-performance liquid chromatography were
compared between diagnostic groups including internal and external control
groups. Coproporphyrin levels were elevated in children with autistic disorder
relative to control groups. Elevation was maintained on normalization for age or
to a control heme pathway metabolite (uroporphyrin) in the same samples. The
elevation was significant (P < 0.001). Porphyrin levels were unchanged in
Asperger's disorder, distinguishing it from autistic disorder. The atypical
molecule precoproporphyrin, a specific indicator of heavy metal toxicity, was
also elevated in autistic disorder (P < 0.001) but not significantly in
Asperger's. A subgroup with autistic disorder was treated with oral
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Thanks Ken!

Zurama L. Johnston said...

Replicated or not, Dr Wakefields study make perfect sense to me and it's exactly what happened to my son.

His gastrointestinal issues all started right after the MMR vaccine he received on his first birthday.

ANB said...

So you're not the type to be swayed by reason or evidence?

Zurama L. Johnston said...

Reason? Evidence? My son's Illness is my reason and my Evidence!

ANB said...

You're confusing reason with "motivation". I understand what motivates your beliefs.