Saturday, February 2, 2008

Still getting emails-update

Wow! The power of the internet blows my mind. I am still getting emails. I'm very behind but doing my best to get back to everyone that is emailing me. Thank you so much for the emails! I can't get over how many people are watching the series.

We are all very busy planning the show. We have about 20 people making this possible.
The team and a few professors are speaking at a seminar on campus about series...still not sure of the date.

If you would like a copy of the series you can contact me at There is a fee.

We are still not sure when we will make this blog inactive...but I will be sure to give a heads up before doing so.


Carrie Elsass said...

I just want to say that as young and new journalists, you showed more courage and effort than 99% of the seasoned journalists out there. Most lazily accept what is handed to them by the CDC, et. al and do no further checking. You not only sought opposing comments, you traveled to get them!!! WOW. You will go far in whatever you choose to do!

AutismNewsBeat said...

Skepticism cuts both ways. A journalist still needs to weigh the evidence on both sides.

Sam's MAMA said...

Ginormous numbers of loved ones to those with the autism label are exponentially grateful to Ashley and her journalistic team for having the courage to take on both sides of this issue. Mainstream media RARELY gives us anything except the common mantra served up the CDC and vested interests. Thank you Ashley Reynolds and KOMU for your audacity and journalistic integrity!!

Tom's Mom said...

A big thank you to Ashley Reynolds and KMOU for the courage to do this series.

I am looking forward to the special at the end of the month.