Monday, March 10, 2008

Comment-Commending List

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The undersigned organizations and individuals are commending KOMU TV on the excellent investigative report, "Combating Autism from Within." The friends and families of vaccine-injured children, with mercury induced autism, congratulate you on the recent coverage and discussions of this serious disorder which has reached epidemic levels across the United States.

We are so pleased to see the extensive research reported to reveal the struggles families face and the truth about the poisoning of a generation of children through the use of thimerosal containing vaccines.

The Missouri School of Journalism should be proud, this report exemplifies why it is known as the leader in the world for students desiring careers in Journalism. We believe the experience and training these student/reporters have gained through this series will prove to be immeasurable for advancement and professional careers in the media.

The amount of science that was covered is the most in-depth, thoughtful and truthful investigation we have watched unfold by any journalist, during the fifteen year explosion in diagnoses of vaccine related autism.

The journalistic integrity and credibility at KOMU has allowed your viewers to see the reality of children affected by autism and the blatant falsehood of the government and medical community trying to keep this tragedy from being exposed. Your unbiased and accurate report was the first to acknowledge the conflicts of interest which have infested the medical community where a "First Do No Harm" attitude should prevail. The heart breaking lack of medical, educational and social service support for these families was reported in a respectful and meaningful way.

Ashley Reynolds and her team uncovered and reported the misleading information, that is often provided by CDC or pharmaceutical funded scientists, and reported the fact that mercury is still in most flu, tetanus, and diphtheria/tetanus vaccines--and an array of vaccines still contain "trace" amounts. (The term "trace" is not recognized as a scientific term.)

We were pleased to see honest interviews with known experts Dr. Boyd Haley and Dr. David Ayoub speaking about the relationship between mercury exposure and neurological injury. Ms. Reynolds secured an exclusive interview with local resident and former chairman of the Microbiology Department, Dr. Frank B. Engley, Jr., whose studies from 1940's-90's found toxicity of thimerosal at a nanomolar level.

The parents of children suffering from vaccine-induced illnesses applaud you for speaking out about the families' tragedies and reporting the research supporting a causal link between mercury in vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

We sincerely appreciate your brave reporting of all sides of the devastating disorder of autism. We look forward to your hour presentation in February.


A-Champ Advocates for Children's Health Affected by Mercury

Alan D. Clark Research Memorial Fund

Albert W. Burgstahler, PhD., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry; University of Kansas

ARROW- Autism Recovery Resources of Washington

Autism One

Autism United

Boyd Haley, PhD., Professor of Chemistry; University of Kentucky PhD.

CoMeD; The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs

Darrel G. Moreland, DDS, MSD

David Ayoub, MD

Edward F. Fogarty, III, M.D. and Family

Exceptional Families Network

Frank B. Engley Jr., PhD., Former Professor and Chairman of Micro Biology; and Assistant Dean of the School of Medicine University of Missouri

Foundation for Autism Information and Research

Foundation for Mercury Injured Children

Generation Rescue

HEAL! Healing Every Autistic Life

MAM- Moms Against Mercury

Michael J. Cannon, DO

NAA National Autism Association

No Mercury

Oklahoma Autism Coalition

Prairie Collaborative

Richard Deth, PhD., Professor of Pharmacology Northeastern University, Massachusetts

Safe Minds

Schafer Autism Report


The Wyatt Holliday Foundation

World Mercury Project

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