Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Words

Here is a post for final comments....


Sharisa Joy said...

For anyone and all who are interested in autism - I have started a Yahoo Group - all are welcome to join at:

Anonymous said...

Apparently the medical profession does not read the safety data sheets provided by Lilly and other chemical manufactures made available to physicians, pharmacies, hospitals and health departments. It states for thimerosal: toxic, mutagen, allergen, hyper sensitive, alters genetic materials, may cause mild to severe mental retardation, may cause mild to severe motor coordination, sounds a lot like autism.
Genetics may play a minor role in autism-it is caused by all the vaccines containing thimerosal. They say new vaccines do not contain thimerosal, but actually they contain a trace amount that is 100-1000 times the toxic dose to human cells.
Dr. Frank Engley

AutismNewsBeat said...

"Our reporter and our team went all over the state and talked to a lot of local people, went out of state to get credible experts, important experts in the field." - KOMU News Director Stacey Woelfel

Which credible, out of state experts are you referring to?

AutismNewsBeat said...

From the safety data sheet for sodium chloride:

"Caution! May cause eye and skin irritation. May cause respiratory tract irritation."

"Ingestion of large amounts may cause nausea and vomiting, rigidity or convulsions. Continued exposure can produce coma, dehydration, and internal organ congestion."

Just thought I'd offer some perspective.

Anonymous said...

We are indebted for the toxicology report on Sodium Chloride to a pharma rep from NYC via Milwaukee. We didn’t know he could read! Does he get paid extra for working on weekends and at night? You can go back to salting your sidewalk and driveway for your Mercedes’ or Ferrari company car.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Well, Linda, I wasn't prepared for such a well reasoned response. You certainly have given me a great deal to think about.

Anonymous said...


Don't hurt yourself!