Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chelation Therapy

Hi everyone. My name is Robert Kessler, I'm working as a research assistant on the series. I am researching specifically chelation therapy. If you have any experience with or knowledge about chelation therapy, I'd love to hear about it. I'm just looking for anything you've got: what age is best to start, different types, which method of administering is better, anything. I would also like to know about bio meds. I want to make sure that my knowledge of chelation therapy is as complete as it could possibly be. Thank you for taking your time to share your experience and/or knowledge with me.


Rainmom said...

everything you want to know about chelation can be found here:

Rainmom said...

....everything you always wanted to know about biomedical interventions, treatments and recovery from autism is on the Autism Research Institute website.

You can watch free on-line presentations from DAN! (defeat autism now!) conferences. These are the doctors who are treating our kids, and the researchers who are pioneering cutting edge discoveries.

You can also pick up a copy of either "Changing the Course of Autism" by Dr Bryan Jepson, or "Children with Starving brains" by Dr J. McCandless.

You could also read Discover magazine's article last April-(free, on-line) . "Autism, it's not just in the head", written by Jill Neimark. She spent several days living with a family of with children in recovery from autism, and interviewed a couple of the brightest stars in autism research-Dr Isaac Pessah and Dr Martha Herbert, and references Dr Yasko.

Thank you for asking, and I encourage you to really learn your subject matter and interview some families before you write about chelation and biomedical treatments. Families are mighty tired of articles quoting pharma-paid "experts" with undisclosed conflicts of interest who claim biomedical and chelation treatments are simply "anecdotal" or that families are simply practicing wishful thinking. Whic, by the way, is why Dr Jepson wrote his book- tired of hearing this was all "anecdotal" or "unscientific", he wrote his book and each treatment is cross-referenced with the published studies that stand behind the treatments ARI is using. Can't beat that, huh?

One more thing- you are right on time to atend the next DAN! conference- it's on October 11th thru 15th in California. For info, see Hope to see you there. Please let me know if I can assist you with a press pass?

FYI- Autism Research Institute has received feedback from 35,000 parents surveys on treatments that work :)

KOMUrkessler said...

Wow thank you so much for all the information. I'll look at all those websites to make sure I've got all the facts. As far as our series goes, we are interviewing a doctor who is definitely an expert on the subject and you will all want to see what this man has to say.
Do you have any personal experience with biomeds or chelation? If so, what? If you don't mind me asking. Thank you for your time.

Matt said...

Please tell me you aren't going to do this. There is no reason why parents should be chelating autistic kids. Zero. Autism is NOT mercury poisoning.

If a kid has real heavy metal poisoning, he/she should be taken to a real toxicologist.

There really is no way to present this and not end up having a bunch of parents take their kids off to try this.

You are interviewing a man who is an expert on a subject that has no backing from any real medical authority? Don't you see the contradictions in that?

Why not do a story on all of the kids who have been clinically proven to have been helped by chelation. Look up the top studies and ask the researchers if you can contact those kids for your program.

Of course, there are none. No studies, no kids.

Be responsible. You are having an impact. Influencing parents to try this "therapy" on their kids falls into the "irresponsible" category.

Zurama said...

You should do anything you can to help your kids. There is a huge amount of kids being diagnosed with autism, when in reality they are Mercury Toxic.