Friday, September 28, 2007

Open minds and dialogue

Here is another note posted as a comment -- but lyco brings up a good point:

lyco said, "Thanks for starting this blog.I hope it remains open and unbiased as many other blogs have become so one sided and agenda ridden. That just confuses parents. Open minds and open dialogue is what is needed.This is not a right or wrong/black and white issue."

I think this is so important. I have been learning about autism since June when my first story aired. It is such a passionate topic...

However, as a journalist I know whatever story I do people aren’t always going to agree or be happy. I think covering a subject such as Autism you can fight studies vs. studies. It is safe to say all studies have critics. We want to show the debates. We want to give all sides their fair share.

It is a subject that has a billion different stories and each of those stories you will find passionate people on both sides of the debate…which in my shoes…makes it extremely complicated on how to cover such a topic. This is why we decided to start this blog. We want you to be involved in the process of journalism and help us understand your story.

Thanks lyco for your comment...I think this is a good standard to have...We (the team working on the series) want to hear all your ideas....-AR

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hollywoodjaded said...

But this blog author does not appear to be "open minded" ... not with the blog name "combating autism from within" which is as close to hate speech against a minority group as one can get. PLEASE consider changing the blog/series name. PLEASE.