Friday, September 28, 2007

Story Idea-Adults

This posting was submitted from a person who wanted express the need for adults with autism coverage. This item was commented to this blog---AR

christschool said...
Ashley, Want to do what other journalists haven't? Do a story with autistic adults in it. Do a story about how the issue isn't combating autism, but accomodating our autism, expanding opportunity, inclusion and acceptance. Afterall, your child will be autistic a lot longer than the "fight against autism". But, your editor might not want a story about autistic adults and acceptance and accomodation, it's not very "sexy".CS

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Joseph said...

Combating autism sounds like you want to combat us.

Imagine a show named "Combating homosexuality." Sounds far fetched, right? It wouldn't have been in 1970. That is you right there: Someone doing a show named "Combating homosexuality" in 1970. Think about it.