Friday, September 28, 2007

Story Idea-Definition of Autism

This posting was submitted from a person who wanted to share information about the definition of autism. This item was emailed to this blog---AR

one thing the media really need to know in my opp. is that there is real
born with autism that can not be cured and is a brain disorder. then
there is this environmental autism that you hear most about that kids
are recovering from. it irritates me that they are saying its curable or
they they can recover from it. they need to be more specific. my son has
server autism. he did not regress. He was born this way. they really
need to label this environmental thing differently because they are
making it look like us mothers of kids that really have true blue autism
are not doing these things to recover our kids. i assure you i have
tried everything safe. the only thing that comes close to helping my
child is medication for behavior, ot, speech, and aba. please if you say
anything say that its not the same "autism". this autism that is on the
rise is not the same thing. its not even close. there is still real true
autism and its not going to change. i can tell you that in my own
research that true autism (what i call born with) is not rising. in fact
i have only talked to one other mother out of a couple thousand on the
computer that child has what my son does. this environmental autism that
so many are overcoming is what is 1-150. born with autism is still
1-10,000. yet this is never said. everyone hearing it on the tv thinks
its just one thing.


lindaweino said...

I agree we should not call mercury poisoning autism. I call my son mercury poisoned because I have the labs to prove he regressed into what main stream docs call autism from mercury in vaccines. They call it autism to cover the fact that they caused this. My pediatrician even wrote on my sons chart heavy metal toxicity. I was shocked! Because our children are mislabed they do not get biomedical help in the form of chelation, proper supplements or diet interventions. Until we admit that the 1 in 150 are iatrogenic, we will not get help our kids deserve. Moms are true warriors for their kids and we wil continue to dig in and find what our kids need.

lyco said...

While I certainly understand what you are saying please remain open that "at birth" autism may be due to environmental damage to genes that occurred in utero and there may be ways to deal with these changes that are supportive to dealing with issues such as behavior, health or focus in addition to more traditional therapies you mentioned.

There are several indications from the past that medications have been responsible for some "at birth" autism in the past.

So I would encourage you and all others to stay open to different ideas and paths which may help (NOT "cure") resolving or control issues seen.