Saturday, September 29, 2007

Story Idea Vax and biomed

This posting was submitted from a person who wants coverage on vaccine ingredients and biomed treatment. This item was emailed to this blog---AR

I wish the media would cover:

-Toxic ingredients in childhood vaccines, including aluminum, formaldehyde, small amounts (STILL!) of mercury, and this among other valid reasons parents are choosing not to vaccinate

- the flu shot still contains a lot of mercury

-kids are recovering with biomedical treatment


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Rainmom said...

for some ideas on stories, you might want to read the blogs below.

Parents are angry. Darn right we are. No where in history has there ever been an epidemic that got ignored like autism. "Awareness" is a joke- being aware does not help fix our kids. Imagine being "aware" your child has leukemia, and the doctors are "aware" your child has leukemia, but instead of helping your get your child well, they recommended you go on a leukemia fundraiser walk to raise "awareness? This is exactly what's happening in autism.

Our government refuses to help our kids, our medical centers and medical society refuse to help our kids (unless you want psych meds- they hand those out like candy). This is an epidemic of never before seen proportion, and we've got treatments and therapies that can help these kids- but 90% of them are completely uncovered or paid for by any state services, schools, or insurance companies.

Imagine having a child with leukemia, and having to pay CASH for all of the treatments? Welcome to autism- because that's what's happening. Treatment after treatment is either called "experimental" (chelation, gf-cf diets, supplementing vitamins and minerals, food allergy treatments, etc) --or else called necessary (ABA) - but then refused insurance and medicaid coverage.

Autism rates outrank childhood cancer, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome combined....but no one has a telethon to raise money for our kids. One giant organization is raising money left and right- to look for "those genes". Sick, sick, sick- there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. We need paid treatments.

Generation Rescue did what the CDC has REFUSED to do- conduct a survey comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids- and the results are incredible- read for yourself (link below)

Here's some eye openers too:


Tami G
WA state

Anonymous said...

Rainmom, is there any peer reviewed science that shows autism is treatable by chelation? There's a reason insurance companies don't pay for those treatments - there's no reason to believe they work. There's not even a plausible mechanism by which they could work.

And Generation Rescue's telephone survey is deeply flawed. Here's a good explanation why: