Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Comment-Prudence and Foresight

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Any epigenetic disorder arises as mix of environmental insults and genetic predisposition, leaving us the opportunity with expanding science to find the susceptible genetic populations so that we may protect them from unnecessary environmental exposures.

Precautionary principle would dictate that unneeded environmental stimuli such as vaccine boosters should be avoided in such increasingly identifiable children. Vaccinating smarter will improve outcomes.

Edward F . Fogarty, M.D.
Chairman of Radiology
University of North Dakota School of Medicine


BillinMidMO said...

And until such research is forthcoming with genetic markers of "suseptibility" we shall have children dying of diptheria, Rubella babies born, kids screaming in Intensive care with tetanus...even tho childhood immunizations no longer contain thimerasol.
If you can not see how the sensationalism of this series discourages parents, needlessly, from immunizing their children...well I hope you are managing to sleep well at night.

Whistleblower said...

10 years since these vaccine related hypothesis were first proposed Dr Fogarty. Since that time none of them have even made the leap from hypothesis to theory, much less established theory.

As I asked you elsewhere, how much time should we continue to waste attention, research money and political will on this dead end?

DR FOGARTY said...

Generally good concerns there "billinmidmo". Functional markers for detoxification efficiency would be a gestaltic way of identifying risk of neurobehavioral adverse events from vaccines. This should be the primary goal of research and needs an urgency of the Manhattan project or simply the money of 2 weeks in Iraq. Tracking all the specific genetics of this issue will still take a number of years of well-funded research, thoughfully perfomed by people like Jill James, PhD at the University of Arkansas. That goal is quite frankly in sight now but will mean a lot of well meaning people in medicine will have been wrong for decades in the assumption that there isn't a vulnerable population to adverse neurobehvioral imacts from vaccines. Unfortunately, I would much rather not be discussing these issues in a venue that allows for misinterpretation of intent, but this is a crisis that could be improved by the leadership of Academic Medicine following the lead posted all over this blog. Hopefully, for the protection of the vulnerable someone in the establishment of pediatrics will pick up on this.

I would encourage all parents to find copies of the SIMPSONWOOD documents (which required FOIA filings ) and give them to their pediatricians and ask them what they think of Dr. Weil's concerns about vaccines. Also ask them how they can trust some of the participants in that meeting such as Thomas Verstaaten (who now works for Glaxo Smith Kline) as to the absence of a linear statistically signficant rise in neurobehavioral disorders with increasing vaccinations. In the meantime while the Fourth Estate and brave scientists are fleshing out a small Achilles heel of a great but overdone idea in medicine you should vaccinate your children thoughtfully, to include the childhood diseases of greatest concern such as those mentioned above. Convenience should not dictate unwarranted use of boosters. If your child has measurable titers then he or she is immune-this approach will require greater vigilance to falling titers but serial measurements over a couple of years time will help pediatricians calculate the time frame for boostering. This approach is arduous but also common sensical and evidence based. This kind of patient education and awareness will help move the culture towards the right goals-indentifying the vulnerable and prevention of unneccessary iatrogenesis.

Parents, bring these conflicts of interest at the CDC, IOM, FDA, WHO to the attention of your pediatricians who undoubtably are unaware of the issues discussed at the SIMPSONWOOD CONFERENCE IN GEORGIA IN THE YEAR 2000.

If the CDC leadership had guts they would send copies of that document to EVERY US PHYSICIAN.

I sleep quite well at night knowing that in this blog I have outlined a balanced approach to protecting the vulnerable in various ways that simply needs to be looked at by a few mavericks in Academic Pediatrics who will clearly have an "ah-ha" moment that indeed-WE CAN VACCINATE SAFER.