Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Michael's story aired

I'm so thrilled that the series has officially started and Michael's story has aired! As many of you returning visitors know, this series has been in the making for quite a while now and it's incredible that the air dates have FINALLY arrived after so many trips, interviews, phone calls, and Ashley's countless hours spent in the edit bays at KOMU.

We've been working hard to bring you the best coverage we can of this disorder that affects so many individuals and their families. We sincerely hope you enjoy the series and learn something new from the people we feature. I know that visiting Michael and his family about a month ago taught me so much about this disorder; I realize that each family truly has its own method and tools for coping with autism.

I also hope that all of our viewers realize the lengths Ashley has gone to in order to provide KOMU's audience with a balanced series. Over the course of this month, we will feature families, doctors and researchers of all types and with all kind of opinions to make sure we provide all sides of the story.

I'd like to stress to everyone again just how much we want to hear from you - please use this blog as an open forum for commenting and visit for special extras and added information. We've used your comments and posts to guide us in reporting, now it's your turn to tell us how we did!
Watch Michael


AutismNewsBeat said...

Did the anchor call autism a "disease"? Twice?

Anonymous said...

The link is broken

Anonymous said...

What does "doctors of all types" mean?