Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Investigation Part 1

We air the first of the four investigations for the series tonight.
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Anonymous said...

Is the video online yet?

KOMUAReynolds said...


KOMUAReynolds said...

just go to the combating autism from within page on www.komu.com... it is part one

ANB said...

The CDC says it removed thimerosal from the manufacture of vaccines in 1999, but the compound was still in vaccines sold in 2003, meaning drug companies continued to sell thimerosal in vaccines until they were out of stock.

The CDC sampled 450 doctor's office in Feb., 2002, and found only 1.9 percent of childhood vaccines in stock still had thimerosal.

If Haley and others think the increased vaccination schedule of the 90s caused the rate of diagnoses to increase, then why isn't the rate decreasing among today's 3-5 year olds? He can't have it both ways.

The FDC ordered thimerosal removed in 1999 so parents would continue to vaccinate their kids. It had nothing to do with "evidence of harm" because there was none. It was to prevent unwarranted panic. In a perfect world, reason would prevail. The only controversy over vaccines exists in the fevered imagination of Dr. Ayoub and other conspiracy cranks. Among real scientists such as Dr. Miles, thimerosal use has been exonerated.

Kathleen Seidel said...

Ashley, you begin your article with the words, "One doctor's passionate belief." I know that Professor Haley's PhD degree technically entitles him to be addressed as "Doctor" with a capital "D," and to use "Dr." as an honorific. However, considering that you are quoting his opinions about medical matters in an article intended for a lay audience, and are representing him as an expert on autism causation, don't you think that it's misleading to identify him as "doctor" with a lowercase "d," as if he were an MD or DO -- a licensed health care professional?

EFFIIIMD said...


Maybe you can help me get some funding for a double blinded protocol comparison where we take a whole cohort of children from 2008 onward and do the current schedule of vaccines with all containing thimerosal and a second group with none of the vaccines containing thimerosal (including Rhogam in all moom's needing it), we ought to do socioeconomic matching and follow the study out for about 10 years looking at all autoimmune phenomena in addition to speech delays and formal autism diagnoses. What's your name so I can contact you and get you on some of the grant applications?

Dr. Fogarty

ANB said...

You're assuming facts not in evidence.

effiiiMD said...


I did not state any facts, I am framing an approach to better science that you seem to be a bit skitish towards accepting. If there is no difference in disease rates in cohorts who go through different protocols as I hae advocated in various forms across this blog then thimerosal, overvaccination and the CDC/FDA/IOM are exonerated; as a side benefit of proving safety and examining efficacy in this way we can also find out that we really don't need to waste so much money on worthless boosters (which I am sure our elected officials, public health departments and insurance executives might actually find that helpful with our healthcare economy in shambles as it is).

Dr. Fogarty

ANB said...

I was referring to your assumption that I have pharmacy industry ties. I do not. I suggest that you stop believing everything Linda W. says.

EFFIIIMD said...

Too bad you don't. Your excellent knowledge of the situation is a great foil for brainstorming, this blog has been a virtual think tank for me and the two of us could really advance some profitable ideas if we directed things toward a win-win goal of improving vaccine science and attenuating the functional drop of 1/100 boys due to combination of detoxification polymorphisms (giving higher than normal half lives of heavy metals) and controllable environmental exposures (vaccines; well I suppose we could work on Chinese toys also).

We could have gotten together on one of my other ideas too; a syringe depth gauge and anatomy map to keep nurses from depositing vaccine adjuvants right next to larger nerve bundles to prevent a direct autoimmune reaction, have some great MRIs of thigh, gluteal and shoulder normal anatomy that we could even sell as 3-d models with color encoded nerve pathways mapped out for a computer based teaching project. But first we might want to do a little research on primates where we take a standard measles vaccine and deposit it as close as we can a potential nerve bundle that could be hit like the lateral or anterior femoral cutaneous nerves and then have a our new thimerosal-free intranasal measles live virus vaccine compared for safety and efficacy against this. Then we will see if the route and proximity to nerve tissues is in anyway associated with an autoimmune reaction to myelin basic protein. We might need to booster the intranasal pathway, so we'll obviously need more titer checks, which leads right back to that huge market for easy yes-no in home titer check test kits. I can't believe no one has thought of this yet-so simple, such a huge market, little finger prick to reassure our pediatrics colleagues and parents that its NOT TIME FOR THE BOOSTER YET!!!

By the way, I don't believe everything Linda says I believe she has a right to tell her story. You have a right to criticize her for being a parent who has no background in science to be sure that thimerosal caused her son's autism. A concerned scientific shadow chaser (RADIOLOGIST) who is sensitive to faint signals in noisy data also has the right and responsibility to push for the kind of science I keep pushing for on this blog. Ask any internist or FP or pediatrician for that matter, who they want for a radiologist, one that only sees the obvious? CDC officials knowing the limitations of epidemiology and basing this major society-wide decision on the issue without calling out this ever so weak leg of science is about as bad as a radiologist telling you to get a V/Q scan for a lung mass, you may have indirect evidence it is there if it is huge. THERE STILL ISN'T A PROSPECTIVE SAFETY STUDY WITH YEARS OF FOLLOW UP ON THE CURRENT OR ANY FORMER CDC PROTOCOLS FOR VACCINATION. THATS THE "CAT SCAN" WE NEED.