Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Investigation Part 2

just aired part 2 of the investigation. Tell us what you think! Should be online shortly...


Anonymous said...

Could you post the link, please? I don't see the link on Might be a browser issue (Firefox)

lindaweino said...

Dr. Miles promotes cigarette science, she is a pediatrician who will continue the cover up of the truth for profit. As a co-founder of the much needed Thompson Center she has created a place where she can treat the created disease of mercury induced autism. I called Dr. Miles, when I heard about the RhoGAM study and asked to participate. She told me she had already selected her participants. I have the perfect study.. I have 3 boys, all have 2 polymorphism MTHFR, all RH positive, all had RH and ABO incompatibility with me. I received RhoGAM after each pregnancy. All had jaundice, 2 born in the 80's, without thimerosal containing RhoGAM during pregnancy and one born in he 90's one with thimerosal containing RhoGAM during pregnanacy.

The results:

Both my older boys are attending college on football and academic scholarships, both were ALL State football players, both have 2 snips in MTHFR, high testosterone and low glutathione. They were lucky and did not hit their toxic tipping point because they did not get RhoGAM during my 28th week of pregnancy. Oh did I mention that my middle son had RH and Hemolytic disease, the disease that RhoGAM is suppose to prevent? He is my healthiest son of the three and has a 3.4 GPA after his first semester as a student athlete. I will take RH disease over mercury poisoning everyday of the week. Mercury in vaccine causes mercury poisoning, calling it something else is denial of the truth.

Johnson and Johnson bought their study the lead author, Judith Miles of the University of Missouri, served as a paid expert witness in a RhoGAM lawsuit last year on behalf of the J&J unit. This was confirmed by an Ortho spokesman and Miles acknowledged that she provided testimony.
In other words, the study - which gives Rhogam a clean bill of health - could be waved around in court by J&J’s Ortho unit to defend against lawsuits. Miles wrote: “This was a small and relatively simple study and funding was not likely from NIH….I was deposed as an expert witness and yes, I always charge for my preparation and face to face time when I testify. That is standard for all expert testimony.”


KOMUAReynolds said...

Sure I will do it on the post