Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hello Bloggers!

I have tons of emails! Thanks for all your comments!

Here is an article about our coverage. Send me any other articles you find about us and I will post them on here.
Best Media Coverage

I am working on web extras tonight and tomorrow... I will post on here when they are up on


BillinMidMO said...

You have GOT to be kidding.
"Age of Autism" makes up an award for you and you are proud of it? You really are either plain gullible, just that lacking in judgement, or have an agenda that does not involve sound journalism.
How about the "Ashley" award for sensationalist poor reporting mentioned by another commenter. You win hands down.

KOMUAReynolds said...

I am simply posting an article about this series...if someone sends me another article about us on a different site... I will post that link too.

KOMUAReynolds said...

Part of posting these links about our series is to do what we do on the

Fogarty said...

Maybe its time for a moderated debate down in Columbia with all of the JD, MD, PhD and Journalism faculty there as an audience.

ANB said...

Great idea. You could bring your Creation Science Power Point Presentation, and afterwards we'll burn our social security cards.

Dr. Fogarty said...

Starting to look foolish again Autism News Beat. Evolution is the Creator's greatest tool (being the simpleton that you are, I doubt you would understand how a few of us can understand the power of science in the context of spirituality). No need to burn social security cards in my generation, we won't have any when needed.

ANB said...

I'm glad we can agree on something. The Founding Fathers also understood the power of science and reason in the context of spirituality, but alas, a majority of Americans still don't see things that way.