Friday, December 7, 2007

Weinmaster Story Airs

The portion of the series about the Weinmaster family aired. I'm so excited to finally share this with you all.
They are a big football family trying to recover their son from autism. The family believes autism caused by mercury in vaccines.

I did a behind the scenes story and slide show of the family.
You can see it here.


Be sure to watch Sunday night for part 2 of Adam's story!

Please comment and tell us what you think of Adam's story.


ANB said...

What does "recovery" mean in terms of autism? Do you define "recovery" for your viewers?

Lindaweino said...

Recovery to me means his health is improving , he is no longer fighting his family and has normal lab work. No more chronic constipation, high blood sugar, low growth hormone, hyperlipidemia, hyperinsulenemia, hypothyroidism; metabolism disorder and high testosterone. He can learn academics, no longer becomes aggressive towards others, has friends, can hold a job, live independently. I want him participate in activities neuro typical children do, have a part in a play, perform in a musical, play sports, win, and travel with out assistance. We are getting there with biomedical treatment and chelation therapy. The only regret I have with any medical intervention is holding my baby while he was injected with neuro toxic mercury. A special thank you to the staff at KOMU TV for your intensive research into a disorder that so deeply effects the families of those affected children.

ANB said...

Will that definition be applied uniformly throughout the next two weeks of the series? Will the definition be challenged by evidence-based medical professionals?

ANB said...

I'm curious about Adam's mercury levels. The report said his mercury is twice that of a normal child. How was the test for Hg done? Was it a blood test? Was it provoked with a chelator?

What research suggests that testosterone exacerbates HG poisoning?


Will's Dad said...

Great answer to that question. I enjoyed (well, I'm certain "enjoyed" isn't the right word) your story and look forward to the second part on Sunday evening. Thank you for being willing to have your son's story be told.

Autism News Beat said...

Is Lindaweino's answer the same as KOMU's?

Heraldblog said...

Did KOMU really follow the Weinmasters to a hospital? It looked more like a lab to me.

KOMUAReynolds said...

it is a lab in a hospital