Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Response to Will

Today Will's story aired, and again I must say that I am really enjoying watching this series unfold. Today we focused on a family that was from our own neck of the woods, (Columbia).

When watching the story I was really touched by what I saw. The mother and father of this young boy say they love him so much and are willing to do anything to help him.

This kid is so cute and it is really inspiring to see that even through all the obstacles that he faces on a daily basis the ones around him love him unconditionally. Also, it was interesting to see just how much he has therapy and to kind of get a look at the therapy and what is involved in that process.

It is really great to have been working on this for the past six months and now for it to be actually airing is an awesome feeling!

I love all the behind the scenes extras available on our web site KOMU.com
It gives us a look into this new way of doing an investigation and also gives the viewer a better understanding of the process of putting together a series like this. You can view things like slideshows, behind the scenes interviews, as well as related documents.
Well done Ashley and Meredith.
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Anonymous said...

I know this family and they are such great people. Will is very lucky to have them as parents. He is a great little kid who has made so much progress and I think there are great things in his future.