Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Will's Story aired

I'm so excited to see the story about Will Miles air on KOMU.

On the station website www.KOMU.com, we have extras such as a behind the scenes package, a slideshow of pictures from the shoots that we went on for Will and the Miles family, as well as extended interview clips and links to the websites of some of the resources that Will has used.

It was so great to finally see this all come together and I encourage everyone to keep checking the blog and post your comments as well as visit KOMU.com to see everything that we have done for this series.

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See his story here Will


AutismNewsBeat said...

Can you cite credible evidence that diet has anything to do with autism? Because your report certainly leads us to that conclusion. Is it possible that Will's parents are grasping at straws, and KOMU is misleading viewers with this baseless assertion? I understand there are anecdotes that support CFGF. But what does the science say?

Will is on a gluten, casein-free diet to help with his autism.

Will's Dad said...

Here's all the evidence I need, autismnewsbeat: When Will is on the diet, he's better. That's home plate for us.

If that's a straw, I'll keep on grasping.

He's not a guinea pig. He's not an opportunity to mix metaphors. He's our son.

If rolling him in grape jelly and dumping a box of cornflakes over his head helped, we'd do that, too.

(It doesn't, btw.)

AutismNewsBeat said...

Autism is a developmental disorder, so Will will continue to develop and grow and improve. You'll also see developmental gains after rolling him in grape jelly, since those gains will come no matter what you do. That's my point. Given the absence of a control group, and enough time, grape jelly will take on the appearance of a cure. There's worse things a parent to can to a child than rolling him jelly. Chelation therapy, for instance.

Will seems like a great kid. My son is 12. He's on the spectrum as well, and he takes tae kwan do at his school.

Good luck. I know you're doing your best.

Berta said...

I'm glad the last line of your comment was positive. This story is about Will and Will's journey. If Will does better on this special diet, so be it. Perhaps other parents who have never heard of this diet will try it and see a change too. Maybe not, but it would sure be worth a try.

Kudos to Dee and Tim for braving the public and bringing their personal journey to us.

ANB said...

Of course other parents will see a change. As long as the child is fed well, and cared for, the child will show gains. That's my point, and it's one that needs to be made at some point in the course of this story.

B and E W said...

Who's putting together that control group? The problem is not parents of kids with autism who want the best for their children, but the inadequate funding for research into the cause(s) and treatment(s). The numbers should speak for themselves--our representatives need to take notice so that the discourse moves from our message board to the ears of our leaders, pediatricians, and researchers. Thanks to parents who keep the stories of their children's journeys in the public's eyes.