Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Part Four

Here is part four...tell us what you think.

Also, web extras will be up soon.


Kathleen Seidel said...

There you go again, referring to Boyd Haley as "a doctor." Haley is not a medical doctor, as "a doctor" implies; he has a PhD in chemistry. Frank Engley isn't "a doctor," either; he has a PhD in microbiology, and hasn't published on the subject of mercury in over fifty years.

You feature Haley claiming that "they" -- that is, pharmaceutical companies -- are "killing our children" with vaccines. How can you broadcast inflammatory accusations like this without also providing some hard facts to back them up? At least you catch Haley admitting that his conclusions about thimerosal and autism represent "his best guess" -- that is, his conclusions are speculative, and no more authoritative than Aunt Harriet's opinions, or those of your neighbor down the street.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that KOMU management and Missouri School of Journalism faculty gave the green light to this propaganda-fest.

ANB said...

Ashley, mistakes can be an educational experience, but only if you learn from them.

What have you learned so far? More than your audience, I hope.

Lindaweino said...

doceo docere docui doctus, Latin for Doctor.

Doctor means teacher and has nothing to do with the practice of medicine.

Doctor Autism News Beat said...

Fogarty is proof of that!

EFFIIIMD said...

Why don't you call the President of the ND Board of Medical Examiners and ask him what my practice of medicine has meant in the state of North Dakota?

Now, the states rights activists in medicine are going to win the fight for the best way to vaccinate; its clear that there are too many influences that are hidden from all of us in the US outside of DC and Atlanta that need transparency.

This nation is about 1 small town market from virtual media fascism and this piece is quite a bit of evidence of that-thank god there are some real beat reporters left (some of the stuff the old guys like H.A. Fogarty published in the Omaha World Herald decades ago would never get out now for the fear of the reprisals of corporatism).

You keep it up, you are only helping make some great points.
Again, I got it all over this blog on how to do this best, don't treat parents like idiots who can't possibly come back for titer checks instead of boosters. Its so simple and elegant it is just sick.

ANB said...

So if the word "doctor" has nothing to do with the practice of medicine, then what word should we use in everyday speech to distinguish between a physician and a professor of chemistry? Or is there no practical difference at all, as Dr. Weinmaster tell us?