Friday, November 2, 2007

Celebrity ASD chidren overcome autism

Why is it if your rich and famous your chances of overcoming autism seems to be better.How often do you hear of a celebrity whoes child cant talk or is at the same level of the average child with autism.Its not fair to the rest of us to know if you had enough money your child could overcome autism.I think they should take a chunk of the research money and give these children the same chance.If we cant find accurate answers in 67 years of researching then the research isnt looking very promising.What would be promising is extra money put into what is working for the celebrities.A little bit would go a long way to the 1/150 children that are diagnosed.Im happy for the celebs, but its heartbreaking to know if I only had their resources my child would be doing a lot better.When your a parent of a child with autism it becomes a mission, a drive, a fight, and feelings you never felt before.When your a celebrity this mission is easier and evident to the media.Honestly how many celebrities have children or relatives on the spectrom that was misdiagnosed over the years or overlooked over the past decades.I bet hardly any.Proving that better diagnosis is BS!Can we have help making our children celebrities so they can do better.Give our amazing children a real chance let them be the star of a show.


Anonymous said...

I think we first need to agree on a definition for "recovered". Autistic children improve over time without questionable treatments and fad diets. Kids also lose their autism diagnosis, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're recovered - lots of kids are misdiagnosed. Some kids receive an educational autism diagnosis, which can be secondary to a speech delay. Go easy on yourself - stop paying attention to spoiled celebrities and their pointless lectures on topics they know little about. Love and accept your children, and you will be rewarded with the best possible outcome.

Joseph said...

John Travolta. There's a British celebrity as well whose name I can't recall. Then there's Colin Farrel, who has a kid with Angelman's.

Lisa said...

It's not being a celebrity that gives your child a better chance of recovering from autism.... it's being rich.

Because the simple fact is, different interventions work for different kids. Experts are now saying that, 20 years from now, we won't have one diagnosis of "autism." We'll have a dozen or more different diagnoses--with similar symptoms but different causes. And once we know the causes, it will be easier to match up the right solution on the first try.

But today, intervention is expensive, and we really can't predict yet which treatment will work for which kid. Some kids respond really well to discrete trial training. But not all do. Some really open up with FloorTime or Pivotal Response training. Some respond to vitamins--and some don't. And, sadly, some kids just don't respond much to anything.

If you have unlimited resources, you can try it all, but it's still no guarantee. And as another poster pointed out, there's a big difference between "recovered" (meaning improved significantly) and "cured."