Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nov 14 Video of the day.Get Real!

This video is vry sweet and her son is so young.As a matter fact at times he remine me my own at that age 2ish, I guess?My little boy use to sleep in pj's as well.and be so sweet but as things go.The older he became his moods started to change the more he wanted to get across and couldn't understand why what he wanted to say wasnt what was coming out.His feeling and awareness of himself are at hand his frustrations are stronger and so is he.His ways of dealing w/these matters are no longer so easy and sweet to deal with.His hitting is harder.His legs are longer and stronger so kicking as well is harder and hurts long after the fact. And try get as much hair out of his hand you can before he pulls as much he can out.And spitting in the face it use to be just spit but the older he gets he has learned to clear his through before spitting. When he was younger he destoried some but now he destories and you cant stop him w/out sitting with him on you lap for hours on end.REALLY! You know I have a job as well and am a profess myself.I at one time did some teaching in Jeddad,Saudi Arabia.
And now to pick my words real fine.I cant believe a mother in the same place as myself I just with more exper read from some other mother whom at the time has not even the time to absorb what is going on and what is to come,has pointed such a finger at us who need help and are seeking help as we have given it our all and continue to give it our all.You must be Jenny Mc's fixed fan.All I can say to you is, keep on keeping on!

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