Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm not even sure how to begin this post and start reflecting on our trip to Brookfield to meet the Colliers. The trip was incredible, especially because this was my first time interacting with one of the families we're featuring in the series.

I was struck by these family members' strength and affection for one another. Although Michael is nonverbal and unable to communicate like most of us, his grandparents, father, and sister all said they have no problem interacting with him - Michael just has his own way of communicating.

Each person had the same look on his face when asked about Michael; everyone smiled, sang his praises and spoke with pride about him and his accomplishments. Like Ashley and Mark mentioned, the Colliers stick to a routine and make everything look so easy! They all really helped us to capture a true day in Michael's life; we spent time with him in the classroom, his grandparents' home, and his home. It was nice to be able to see Michael in a variety of setting and watch him learning, playing, laughing, and communicating. Michael's dad and grandfather both said Michael is one of the happiest kids they know.

I hope you all check out the First View of our trip going up soon and look for the Colliers to appear in the series!

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