Sunday, November 25, 2007

Will- Meredith

I am so glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet the Miles family and their 3 year old son Will. Watching Will run circles around the KOMU car just after we pulled in and set up some of our equipment showed me just how cute and fun he is.

I really enjoyed being able to observe Will’s occupational therapy, it was a great way for me to see how Will is able to communicate as well as some things that he enjoys doing such as puzzles. I have been on one other shoot with a family and I believe that the combination of the two have really started to open my eyes to what it is really like to be affected in some way by autism.

I felt that the interviews with Will’s parents, Tim and Dee, went extremely well. I loved being able to hear about what his parents hoped for Will years down the line and some of his therapies, as well as about their lives and how Will is such a big part of them. Tim Miles made a point that his son is not bad and they did not do anything wrong, he’s just different, just like some people are right handed and some are left.

As we were doing the interviews Will was occupied with other activities such as his dinner and games on the computer, although there were times that he would come into the living room to see the interview, just out of curiosity. Being able to see just how interested Will was about everything around him was very neat and I enjoyed the visit to his home very much.

I can’t wait to share more of Will and the Miles’ family story with you.

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