Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Change is on it's way w/out choice

As it's been said so many times.I will myself say for the last time here.There is an unseen world.And we as Americans are living so fast we cant seem to absorb sooner or later we will be faced with those around us that are at this time inside.People need to understand, illness in the family or not, they too are at one time or another going to come face to face w/Autism. As sooner or later these people have to live and get out.As it is only humen nature to have a social life. illness or not.Beyond illness lives a human.I believe the retail world needs step back and review policies that are fast failing the public around them.Charitis themselves need change their policies and things need be more indul.As we can see the train coming, that meaning an unplaned change on the structure we have set.I hope to see soon classes teaching compassion schools starting pre-k well teaching what acts of compassion are.I hope the unseen world is able to live a life free of unneeded trouble as I'am sure it's going to take all they have to muster the courage to get out and live a life they so much need,want and dream to have.A life from behind the doors.Thank you for giving me this chance to say I have a son with AS.Thank you for caring.J.M.Addington mother of a 7 yr old boy named Ahsan Khan ( Ahsan meaning beautiful).

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