Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Break=edit bay

I spent the entire week getting the families we are featuring done. I have their basic stories scripted...3 are edited. I wanted to get them all edited this week, but I rather take my time and do it right. The three that I have done, if I say so...look really good.

I have script approved about 5 stories this week from the research assistants. Everything is coming along...Slowly but surely... We are all very anxious to air.
I shot the walls last night (intro and tags) for the families....I am shooting walls in parts. This way, I don't shoot 23 shots at once. Last night, I got ten done. We started shooting at 1am and finished around 3. I was at the station till 7 this morning working on things. The graphics for the series look amazing.....

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