Saturday, November 3, 2007

My sons latest update

Julie is keeping us updated with her son. Here is the latest. This item was emailed to this blog.--AR

Just wanted to keep you updated with my 5 year old boy.I had a hair analysis done a year ago showing 95% toxins, but I chose not to cehalate do to risks associated with DMSA.I since moved out of PA.I guess there is a lot of mercury hovvering over that state from coal.The same is with Iowa.

Both my parents and sons fathers parents live down the road from power plants.My 8 dental fillings and then the biggest his vaccs.I believe all comtributed to his autism leaving him speechless.I went to the natural path/homeopath.She gave my son a remedy of four tiny dissolvable I believe were some kind of salt.We werent allowed to touch them.I put them in his mouth when he was sleeping.She also gave me a supplemnent to take 3 times a day 2 capsules I break open and mix with drink.They are NAC to promote glutithione to help his body start naturally excreting toxins.She said we would do a urine analysis after we get some of this stuff moving through him.

The first day of the supplement he had diahrea rel bad all day.It went away the next day.I spoke to the natural path and she said that was good it means he got rid of something.i then heard about Zeolite drops and asked her about those.She said they werent proven to work and to follow his treatment with her.

I applied on line to participate in a study for children 3 to 11.Not everyone is accepted to participate, but I am.Now I am kind of stuck and not sure which way to go.Its hard because I cant do both right now.The study will be providing free Zeolite and followng up for 90 days.I am assuming this will be the proof from the 80 some kids they are studdying that Zeolite does work.

My sons natural path gave me another supplement to take called HLC Mindlinx.I can use supplements and is recommended for the study for 2 months but no other cehalation.The next step with the natural path is to detox, so I need to decide in a month or so.This HLC is due to gluten and dairy proteins being broken down in the gut into peptides with opiate properties similar to endorphind and opiate drugs.Not only gluten containing dairy generate exorphins-meat and some vegetables also.

HLC has two new strains that can break down these damaging exorphins in the gut before they can be absorbed.I dont know of any problems my son has with wheat or dairy.I do know the brain evolves from the bottom up and our immune systom developes first.I definitely think all disease or disorder are associated with the immune systom no doubt.after one dose my son made a little bit more eye contact, but nothing else yet.I will let you know what else goes on.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely,-Julie Shaffer

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Heraldblog said...

Julie, it is not likely that mercury has anything to do with autism. You are being taken for a ride by your homeopath. Stick with evidence-based medical providers.