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ANB said...

Boyd Haley has no credible evidence for making that comment. I hope you make that clear.

K Paul Stoller, MD said...

As a scientist, I find the current approach to the autism epidemic – “The Emperor’s New Clothes” approach - to be deeply disturbing. For years the vaccine division at the CDC and others have said the reason for the dramatic increase in autism is due to "better diagnosing" and "greater awareness."

Nevertheless, with eighty percent of autistic Americans under the age of 18, we will see, clothes and all, a dramatic impact on Social Security in coming years as these children become dependent adults. There are no studies that have found the previously undiagnosed or misdiagnosed autistic individuals among older Americans. They simply aren't there.

We need to address the real reason for the alarming autism rate. No more secrets or truth-spinning. This is not a faux epidemiological epidemic, nor an infectious epidemic, nor a genetic epidemic (as there are no genetic epidemics). That leaves an epidemic linked to some sort of exposure. Now, the increase of autism has been linked to the increase in mercury exposure through fish and industrial sources, amalgam and additionally, through increased parenteral exposure to ethyl-mercury. No controlled, randomized study regarding the safety of amalgam or ethyl-mercury exists.

A recent study, using infant Macaca fascicularis primates exposed to injected ethylmercury or those exposed to equal amounts of ingested methylmercury, showed that ethylmercuy was retained twice as much inorganic mercury in their brains in comparison to the methylmercury exposed primates.(Burbacher T, et al. Comparison of blood and brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to methylmercury or vaccines containing thimerosal. Environmental Health Perspectives, 2005 Aug:113(8):1015-21.)These primates were exposed to mercury levels at a rate equal to what children in the United States received via standard childhood vaccines from 1991- 2003.

But regardless of what you think about animal reserach, an article published this month, November, 2007, in the Journal of Child Neurology (Blood Levels of Mercury Are Related to Diagnosis of Autism: A Renalysis of an Important Data Set []) shows there is a strong statistical correlation between blood levels of mercury and autism. This is why Dr. Boyd Hailey thinks the physician administrators of the Infectious Disease Division of the CDC are criminals. They knew this information many years ago and did less than nothing.

Now, we have other metabolic fingers pointing at mercury... cysteine and glutathione synthesis are crucial for mercury detoxification, and are reduced in autistic children, possibly due to epigenetic polymorphisms. (Deth, R.C.: Truth revealed: New scientific discoveries regarding mercury in medicine and autism. Congressional Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives. Subcommittee on human rights and wellness, Sept. 8. 2004, Waly M et al: Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins and thimerosal. Mol. Psychiatry 9, 358-370 2004).

Therefore, autistic children have 20% lower levels of cysteine and 54% lower levels of glutathione, which adversely affect their ability to detoxify and excrete metals like mercury. (James, S.J. et al.: Metabolic biomarkers of increased oxidative stress and impaired methylation capacity in children with autism. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 80, 1611-1617 2004).This leads to a higher concentration of free mercury in blood, which then transfers into tissues and increases the half-life of mercury in the body, as compared to children with normal levels of cysteine and glutathione. As was shown by Bradstreet et al (Bradstreet, J et al.: A case control study of mercury burden in children with autistic spectrum disorders. J. Am. Phys. Surg. 8, 76-79 2003) in a study involving 221 autistic children, vaccinated autistic children showed about 6 fold elevation of urinary mercury than normal controls after appropriate mobilization with the chelating agent DMSA.

Delayed detoxification of mercury severely impairs methylation reactions (required for the correct expression of DNA, RNA, and neurotransmitters), which further adversely affects growth factor derived development of the brain and attention abilities. Phospholipid methylation, which is crucial for attention, is impaired in autistic and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Ethyl mercury levels, seen ten days after vaccination (Pichichero et al: Mercury concentrations and metabolism in infants receiving vaccines containing thiomersal: a descriptive study. Lancet 360, 1737-1741 2002) with ethylmercurithiosalicate doses lower than what infants received during the 1990s, produced greater than 50% inhibition of methylation.

In vitro studies have shown that Thimerosal was more than 100-fold more potent than inorganic mercury in inhibiting such essential methylation reactions. Inorganic mercury was found to be 10 fold more potent than lead in inhibition of neuronal microtubule. (Stoiber, T et al.: Disturbed microtubule function and induction of micronuclei by chelate complexes of mercury(II). Mutat. Res. 563, 97-106 2004; Thier, R et al.: Interaction of metal salts with cytoskeletal motor protein systems. Toxicol. Lett. 140141, 75-81 2003). Inorganic mercury also leads to growth inhibition and denudation of neuronal growth cones. (Leong, C.C. et al: Retrograde degeneration of neurite membrane structural integrity of nerve growth cones following in vitro exposure to mercury. Neuroreport 12, 733-737).

It was also shown that concentrations of Thimerosl, which can occur after vaccination, induce membrane and DNA damage and initiate apoptosis in human neurons. (Baskin, D.S. et al: Thimerosal induces DNA breaks, caspase3 activation, membrane damage, and cell death in cultured human neurons and fibroblasts. Toxicol. Sci. 74, 361-368 2003).

It has been estimated that about 15% of the population may show enhanced susceptibility to mercury exposure. Levels of ethyl mercury found 8 days after vaccination leads to 50% inhibition of methionine synthase (MS). Compounding this toxic sequelae of Thimerosal, neurons are unable to synthesize cysteine, the rate limiting amino acid for glutathione synthesis. Thus, neurons are most sensitive to mercury toxicity since glutathione is the major intracellular agent in mercury and heavy metal detoxification. It is known that Timerosal and inorganic mercury depletes intracellular glutathione levels, which subsequently leads to oxidative stress, neuronal cytotoxicity and death.

In vitro studies suggest that the neurotoxicity of THimerosal is enhanced through neomycin and aluminium hydroxide (ingredients in vaccines) and testosterone, while estrogen decreases the toxic effects. Estrogen has been shown to decrease the toxicity of inorganic mercury which may explain the 4 to 1 ratio of boys to girls in autism. Lead may play a synergistic pathogenetic role in neurodevelopment disorders and autism. Combination of lead and mercury resulted in an increase of toxicity in vitro.

In a first analysis of the VSD datasets, Verstraeten et al had described a 7.6 to 11.4 fold increase of autism risk in children at one month, with the highest mercury exposure levels compared to children with no exposure. In four subsequent separate generations of the analysis, which involve the exclusion of children with no Thimerosal exposure and less than two polio vaccines, the statistical significance disappeared.

This was discussed at a CDC meeting at Simpsonwood in June of 2000. It was an illegal meeting between government officals and pharmaceutical firms. This is again why Dr. Hailey points out the Infectious Disease folks at the CDC are criminals.

Thimerosal was tested only once, by Eli Lilly on 22 adult patients suffering from meningitis. There was no chance for follow- up to observe long-term effects, as all of the patients in this "study" died. Even if follow-up had been possible, damage to the developing brains of very young children would have remained an unknown. Eli Lilly said it was safe and the medical community accepted it. After the creation of the FDA, its use was simply continued. The federal government has never tested the type of mercury in vaccines for toxicity. This is an unconscionable oversight failure at best, at worse it is an example that we have left consensus reality to be created by the liars, thieves, cheats, killers, and the PR junk scientists they employ.

So, here we have a real problem, autism affecting 1 in 150 or even more – where is the public funding? Where is the public outcry? Where is the response from academia? There isn’t any!

We are living in a time where an incredible overplay and lies and self-aggrandizing behavior and non-science is the norm.

Autism isn't even the real problem. We are poisoning ourselves off the planet. The kids with autism are just the first to drop!

We have tolerated the junk science that has covered up the true cause of this epidemic at a considerable cost to science, the public, and our very way of life in this country.

Let's start asking important questions such as why haven’t pediatricians come forward to demand the end of the use of Thimerosal once and for all, and to advocate for the treatment of these children before it is too late?

K Paul Stoller, MD

Anonymous said...

ok,and trust me i am no dr not even close.i am sure when my boy was born he was ill at this he was too still as a newborn as well too quite,sleeping all night and really never well i could say limp like.but now he is 7 and doing very well yet not talking and still in diapers.and still hitting,kicking and so on at frist it was just a little hard but as he got older it really took on another life you really have to fully live it to respect it.My piont is my child was born ill before a shot.and is still if it's shots and with it being autism he has is there another maybe a whole lot of ideas are right and to pinpoint is where we are putting up stoppers on the road to the answer.maybe almost all you dr's are right and with a com mix there is the answer.

Anonymous said...

This is to K Paul Stoller,MD.I have a son with Autism,higher learning level. If I knew how to make a public out cry I would.If I counld make any helpful change I would.I've been told I have some nerve:)Not in a crazy way but I can at time's be very raw.I'am telling you K Paul Stoller,MD in a good light if I knew how to make a bright,clean change, I would.But no one will really listen to me as i'am only a mother not in any way w/the mind of a dr.I agree we need start asking different questions.and to you may i ask a question?Thats on my mind,you know with this illness coming on like it has so fast.Do you think maybe street drugs.lets say cocain maybe having to do w/this illness as we all know they cut this drug /with who knows what or not much at all and this drug is used by all classess of people.and maybe when using it sets off something in the nerve system and even after the drug has worn off maybe even years later the harm has been done, to the users nerv/system that is able to be passed on?Will you please give me time on this question? As this is the closest I've ever came to a Scientist?

AutismNewsBeat said...

Kenneth Stoller, MD asks "...why haven’t pediatricians come forward to demand the end of the use of Thimerosal once and for all, and to advocate for the treatment of these children before it is too late?"

Here's a likely answer: Most pediatricians are ethical, and run evidence-based practices. They understand the difference between a legitimate peer-reviewed journal and a vanity publication such as The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Thimerosal has been absent from scheduled childhood vaccines since 2002, but the diagnoses for today's 3-5 years olds have not fallen. Why do you suppose that is, Dr. Stoller? Dose still makes the poison, right?

You write that 80 percent of autistic Americans are under the age of 18. This is terrible misleading, but as long as we're scaring people with meaningless statistics, I will offer that half of America's kids are below average. Quick, break out the hyperbaric chambers!

Joseph said...

Dr. Stoller is mistaken about the social security burden as demonstrated here and he's also mistaken about the missing autistic adults as I've previously discussed here.

Dee Dee said...

autismnewsbeat said:
Thimerosal has been absent from scheduled childhood vaccines since 2002, but the diagnoses for today's 3-5 years olds have not fallen. Why do you suppose that is, Dr. Stoller? Dose still makes the poison, right?

Um, give me a BREAK! Better read the fine print on those vaccines, especially the flu shot. And the new vaccines STILL have a preservative, do they not? Just to make them a few pennies cheaper. I am not suggesting that vaccines are the only reason, but when Dr. Stoller suggests that autism is not the real problem, he hit the nail on the head! We are poisoning ourselves from all different directions. The autistic kids are the canaries in the mine. We'd do well to take heed, and start cleaning up our toxic environment which includes our food & water supply as well as vaccines.

desertsong said...

I have to agree with what dee dee said and it's sad. Instead of worring about these poor children, they're more worried about saving the collective behinds. It's about time the scientific community gets their heads out of their behinds and start really addressing the issue before it's too late. 1 in 150 births is just NOT acceptable.

Another issue I would like to address is schooling for these poor children already inflicted with this. With 1 in every 150 births resulting in a child with autism, the school systems need to learn how to work with these children. There needs to be more resources for parents to learn how to work with their children. I am a mother of a 4 year old with autism and I can't begin to tell you the frustration I have faced trying to find help for my child. What help I have found has been mediocre at best

Family practioners, Pediatricions and any one else working with babies and small children need to be more fully educated on autism and autism screening at an early age needs to be a MUST.

Anonymous said...

Dee Dee, the flu shot is not a scheduled childhood vaccine. The amount of thimerosal given to children since 2002 is about 5% of what it was pre-2002. Do you understand "dose makes the poison"? If not then give us all a break and educate yourself.