Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Really! I wounder.

I know how this man feels not only can we see the pain in his face but the pain in his heart.I too have a young child w/an illness.Not only are we not equip to deal w/such a thing that hits hard and sleep is the only rest from the unbelievable.But as people there is no where to turn for ourselves except inword as the life we once lived falls around us without pause.Our minds spin.
and in time the spinning stops we find we have lost our minds.Not even relizing the real storm has yet to hit.My son is seven now and we have came a long way as well he.I can see the sun will shine again and in time I will be able to get my home and myself back the beauity we once had.It's just going to take time and energy.What I am wondering is will we ever cry about the pain?I mean really.
Or will lifes getting better take the place of the tears we really had no time to express?And is crying really that important?Are we as people stronger then we think we are?And with hard work and determanation are we able to over come hurt/Or is it going to be a thing we will someday have to deal with? Is there going to be another storm?This time within ourselves!

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Zurama said...

I would like to think that someday things will get better. I hope to see my Mickie's joy comeback.

I hope that all of us will see our children get better and that their quality of life will be restored somehow......

And that in the not to distant future all this pain will seem like a nightmare that is no more....