Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Senator Champion-Meredith

On Tuesday we traveled to Springfield, Missouri to interview Senator Norma Champion about mercury laws relating to vaccines in the state of Missouri.

As a part of the investigative portion of this series reporting on the vaccine debate; It's important for us to have a legislator talking about why mercury laws have been passed. Senator Champion takes the political approach to the issue. She says she doesn't pick a side to support whether vaccines cause autism.... but says she is an advocate for the children and their safety.

During our interview she stressed that there is still much research to be done, but in the meantime there is enough concern to eliminate the mercury from vaccines for the safety of Missouri's children in the future. Senator Champion was very good at articulating the reason for the mercury law in Missouri. She wants to be cautious until further research is done.

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Anonymous said...

From a nobody but nevertheless a nobody w/a mind.I thing she has made a step in the direction as to later really prove as it seems no matter how many dr's say no it's not mercury that has to do w/this illness at least Champion is as far as I know taking a step to be able to say.The active stop of mercury proves to all that cant be convenced one way or another.This is my finding after this step was taken.Now,Thats Movement!