Thursday, November 8, 2007

Story Idea-oxytocin

This person wants to share info about oxtocin. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

Have you guys heard about this new drug to help with adults with autism.It is Oxytocin apparently the same hormone they use to induce pregnancy.I had to be induced and wonder if it has anything to do with my sons autism.Its not yet been studied on children, but remarkable effects on adults with autism.

Its definitely something to look into,Who knows the side effects for each individual.Its hard to trust new things that arent fully studied yet.Then again how many recalls are on things that are studied.They even have a oxytoxin spry that changes peoples trust toward others.

It is a chemical they just started researching only adults.It would be nice to know more about this stuff.You should check into it and see if its what they say it is.Who knows anymore.It scarey for parents to decide which treatment to choose and it sad after all these years the only sources we have are studies not yet fully researched.I plan on trying Zeolite, but even that scaes me alittle bit.I hope the studdies get more developed soon.I want my son to come out of autism.

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Zurama L. Johnston said...

I heard about Oxytoxin from one of the Autism support groups on Yahoo. It's supposed to stop self injurious meltdowns within seconds of spraying it in one nostril. Compounding pharmacies sell it with a doctors prescription. A DAN Doctor would be the place to start. The Autism Research Institute has international and National lists of Doctors that follow the Defeat Autism Now philosophy.