Wednesday, November 7, 2007

HELP-Support Groups

We are compiling a list of support groups in the Mid-Mo area...If you recommend one, please comment and let us know. If you have a regional one, we will take that too.
When the series airs, we can post these places and groups online.



Anonymous said...

I am not in MO, but, I have started a new GF/CF diet/autism recovery support group in MD. Details about it can be found on the home page of its forum:

Anna Letaw, Moderator and Group Leader

faceofautism said...

I have a support group in Lee's Summit, MO. It was co-founded by Sherri Tucker and Debra Shaumeyer in November, 2006.

We work on legislative and educational issues. Our goal is to ensure that our children live up to their fullest potential and they are not left behind.

Our website is at You can find our contact information there, a calendar listing autism events all over the Kansas City metro area, stories about our kids, information about what we are doing in our work, and pictures of our families.

We invite anyone that is looking for support, wants to know more about what needs to change in Missouri, wants to make sure that their child is getting the RIGHT education, and wants to exchange information to join us.

We are very informal and we don't have any views on medical interventions or biomedical interventions. We offer the information and left the families decide what is best for them. We try to partner them with other families that are choosing the same paths.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you.

Sherri Tucker
Lee's Summit Autism Support Group