Saturday, November 17, 2007


We went to the Miles family on Thursday. This is our last family shoot. Will is three years old and has autism. He is such a cute boy. We went to Will's house and got video and pictures of a therapy session. I think this will add a lot to our series, because we have not attended a session yet. There is a separate room in the house for Will's therapy.

The Miles are a local family here in Columbia, MO. Tim Miles, Will's Dad has blogged on here about Will. It was neat to talk to a family that has been watching this series unfold.

Will is the center of Tim and Dee's world. Dee and Tim are beyond dedicated for their son's needs. The house is setup to accommodate Will to help him improve developments.

The most compelling part of the shoot is when I was interviewing Tim. He told me he hopes someday he can hear Will tell his Mom he loves her. I can't wait to share their story with you in just a few weeks!

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