Thursday, November 1, 2007

You know what?

To You and Your Timeline Writing:I really do believe you, until now I would never read anything about how A or AS came to be.I just took the bull by the horns and gave it all I could.and did whatever I could do to take care of my son at one point I needed help in day to day care for him as I myself was sinking as a person.You know I went into Karchi,Pakistan as my husband is from there and his sister was going to help but as things go the sister and I didnt get along.You know I cant get into what has changed my mind but I will tell you comb with what you have writen let me remember something I have so far known but never had time to think about.I want to put two and two togeather before,Later.
To Your unbelievable but truthfull point.You know what?I am sur it is a prev illness as for my sons illness I am almost sure it is because of meds I take myself. You know you are trying to get people to take respon for things they maybe cant face.Like now I have to face maybe if I had paid more atten to myself maybe my son would not be ill! You know my boys are 17 yrs apart.I only have two children my youngest has AS I knew something was wrong from the very start.he was sooo quite.I got help as soon as they would give it.Then ECI coming into my home Metro Care for almost two years helping me and my son learn and move on.But it was too much for me I couldnt absorb anything.I was in a whirlwind.When I went to bed at night I could feel myself was just tooo much.And now I have to face right here right now It' my fault! Maybe thats what the AustismAH or whatever want to shield us mothers from.It cant be handled!I agree some monies have to be handed out to us parents so we can care for our childen great point.Money always shows who really CARES.Thanks for your expet.You are a DIAMOND.

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