Thursday, November 8, 2007

Self Evaluation, Books

This person wants to share some thoughts about books and self evaluations. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

Hi ,I'm a concerned person and I've been reading about Autism and Aspergers PDD-NOS OCD and everything else in-between...I can't get enough of it ,but it has shed light for me, right now I am reading Autism Answer Book by William Still-man. and It makes me laugh because all my life when I look back at myself I can recall not making eye contact with people,and not very often but I'll be rocking and stop myself and flicking my fingers.

It's frustrating because once I am aware that I am doing it trying to explain it to you is hard. but also,I could just be really shy and just not be able to talk to people face to face..... I have basically self evaluated myself. and all arrows point to this. but I am still skeptical I am not a doctor so there fore I can not be 100% sure. .but one thing I have noticed talking about autism online, in chat rooms is that people will ask me a question , like who in your family has autism? and I sit there thinking to myself , If I tell this person I think I am,then they will ask how do you know? then if I say I read up on it and came to a conclusion myself ?? they pretty much wont believe me. because I think they rather talk about a child with it and not an adult.

I just get really annoyed to not be able to say hey, why can't I talk about this ? why do I have to be JUST labeled anxiety or OCD or ADD whatever other label they want to place me in but autism or aspergers., I am just trying to find answers to my problems that's all. I could be way off, and it is something else. but this is a start to my journey In understanding myself . good day to you .

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