Saturday, November 10, 2007

Story Idea-Diagnosis, Cost, Schools

This person wants to express their concern on some issues. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

Here are some issues:

I am not sure how many different things I have been told my son had - He is 10 and was formally diagnosed with autism at 9.
First PDD, ADHD (still has that), Landeau Kleffner Syndrome, Sensory Integration Disorder, Slow - whats up with that.
I wonder about the mercury levels too because he also has numerous fillings in addition to being vaccinated.

Who is going to pay me to stay home with my son as I can only work part time. SSI is only $623 a month - what does this pay for today??????????? Wth two people you don't even get $200 for food a month, so who will by supplements and special foods like gluten free bread etc.. which is supposed to be good for him. Let's not forget that most of these children are very smart and also deserve to go to plays and movies, bowling - none of which can be done because of the lack of $$$. Lets not forget that it takes 2 hours to get to the doctr and 2 hours to get back on public trans or the meltdowns because of flying bugs outside and the lack of personal boundaries and the stares and underthe breath comments and judgement from others.
Sorry Jenny, but I'm over it with your book, $4000 a week for special services of course your child would be getting better, but what about the normal people.????????????????????????????????? I will say that your story is as heart wrenching as mine and Sally's and Mary's and all the other moms that have had their hearts smashed into bits as you watch your child in the line at school and no one says hi to him or talks to him. n preschool I had a child walk up to me and say " I am glad you are here to get, ****, I hate him. I don't have time to write a book because I have to work part time and be home every evening with my son to do his homework. How much of the money made from this book DIRECTLY helped other children with autism. I saw nothing about proceeds or a % being donated.

Parents should do all they can to help their child but do not do any new diets without first consulting a physcian or someone with a degree in nutrition - you can't just take dairy out ofthe diet with out having a specific plan with how your child will get things like Calcium and Vitamin D and other nutrients - there is also organic milk without hormones and such. You can't replace food with pills or vitamins and it is unwise to do it without some PROPER guidence. Iguess if you have $500 or whatever to pay for all the really espensive stuf and fancy doctors - well then do it I guess.

Schools are still not up to speed, because of lack of funding and educated staff. Don't lower the bar! This is the first year my son is getting a "report card" - why is that? he does the work?
Alternative schools or programs such as self contained classrooms or computer area (lack of) that keep the bar low and comfortable for the teacher that usually has no other support. As a parent I would love to volunteer at the school but that would negatively impact my child and our almost nil income.
I am constantly talking with the school and thought they are really nice - they don't have the resources.

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