Saturday, November 3, 2007

I think the public needs to know this about autism

This person has a list of what they think we should cover. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

I think the public needs to know this about autism

1. treatment is NOT covered by medical insurance,( ABA) the educational system is required to provide that service toyou , but sadly they prefer to do the least amount they can get away with and the innoccent children are the victoms here.

2. the people claiming to be quailified to provide aba, most are NOT

3. Do not trust your local school district, they do not even think you should have a say in your own childs welfarebecause they are paying and not you.

4. If you know someone with a child diagnosed with Autism, They need your help and support more than you can imagine. Just because the child is quiet, is very goodlooking, or seems fine, dont let that fool you into thinking its not that bad, babysit the child for a long period of time at least overnight and you will get a better understanding of the situation.

5. There is a special place in heaven for ALL MOMS of CHILDREN WITH AUTISM !

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