Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Story Idea-pestecides containing mercury

This person wants coverage on pesticides. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

There are many mercury containing chemicals still present today. These pesticides are on our farms and golf courses in the form of stock piles. There are 150 trade chemical names containing mercury. We need attention drawn to these places for the waste collection programs or the clean sweep programs. Some are still being used like in Canada for turf mold and probably exported too.I think it should be urgent to follow the guide lines and

* Actively participate increase local farm-a-syst or clean sweep programs.

* Get word out about mercury in all local golf courses

Just one way we can help keep toxins down. I wish mercury just wasnt used.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know what chemicals you know of that have these.

I have background in this field. I really know of none anymore that are mercurial based.

The predominate heavy metal used in golfcourses is MSMA which is arsenic based.

Some fungicides are still based on metals (copper in particular) but I am unaware of mercury being used in such applications.