Sunday, October 14, 2007

11 years and running

I am a mother who posts regularly on daily strenght. I saw this oppertunity to express a few things so I will. I could type a million and one words about the 11 years i have lived and learned about Autism, My son is severly effected. He has one and two words sentences. Much in Verbal stims, hang banging, aggression, energy like u never have seen. He is on Geodon, and Trazadone. He had early intervention and a special preschool he is in an inculsive class w/8 other special needs children. I work for the same school district in an intergrated preschool.
I have been trained in ABA Therepy and allot of sensory therepy. PECS. (Picture exchange system.) Behavior, secure traind.
I have been there 7 years now. I enjoy giving back faith and hope and success to all the children. No matter their diability.
We have never recieved bennifits from the state, we have been on a waiting list since he was dx at 18 months. All battles I have done alone. Because of my job I can network and gain knowlege on how schools and parents both work. I get allot of support to say the lest from my co workers.
But I am TIRED. What I want to address is why are we still on a waiting list? I called my advocate last week I had found out a family whos children were younger than mine are now recieving bennifits. Thats great I am happy for them but why the wait for my son?
I had a heart attack in feb. I did not know that I could have gotten emergency respite.
It seems the more u call the more help u might get. I dont have time to make a million calls a day when it should already be there helping us. The advocate said she will send in the request with all my reasons into Olympia. The pannel will make the decision. Do they really know how hard it is to raise a child w/this disability? Yes is a disbility he has limits, he can not express himself. He does not have awhole lot of control over his stims and hyper behavior the medication he on is a big gun druh as they say.
what do we do for our children besides everything.

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