Thursday, October 11, 2007

Low Functioning Autism

This person wanted to share their story. This item was emailed to this blog---AR

I have an 18 yr old son with low-mod-functioning autism. He is non-verbal. Because of this, his negative behaviors are quite a daily challenge. I believe that he receptiviely understands a lot, and that 's why he has tantrums. We never know when he will "go off"--anything can set him off and it could be anywhere. We always have a plan B because of this. He communicates with basic sign and pictures. He has had every form of therapy to try and help him with speech, sensory problems and behavior. We have tried medications, herbal/alternative supplements, GF/CF diet---you name it---anything to improve the quality of life for my son. It is a daily heart-break watching him stuggle and to think of the dismal future he may have. We are exhausted, sad but always hopeful that SOMETHING will become available that will help him. Our dream of living a "normal" life (i.e. family vacations, restaurants, sports activities, etc) was side-lined thanks to dealing with daily autism issues.


Mary Ann said...


I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties with your son. All I can suggest is to talk to him at a soul level, and tell him that you know of his competence to understand. Tell him that you love him and understand his anger is justified and that you are doing all you can to alleviate it. Ask him for his help.

I am sending you my healing thoughts and prayers.

Mary Ann

Zurama said...

My Mickie is low-functioning too.

There are others in your same situation though, we are probably the minority.

I know how you feel.Thanks for sharing your story.