Thursday, October 11, 2007

Story Ideas many topics

This person wants to share what they wish the media would cover. This item was emailed to this blog---AR

I would like people to know that our kids can get better and be productive people with early intervention.

I would like to not be accused of being a bad mother or not spending enough time with my son. I am exhausted every single day, give me a break!

I would like any kind of medical insurance.

I would like Doctors to get in the game and not look at us, tell us they are sorry and send us out the door. There are treatments available who cares if it is medicine or natural. We just need help. Get on board people!

I would like Doctors to listen to us and learn. We know more about this than they do.

I would like parents of "normal" children to teach their children not to discriminate against our children and to be compassionate. They are kids just like yours & have feelings just like yours.

I would like parents of "normal" children to not shield their children from mine just because he is different. He is a beautiful child, just like yours & he is also a very intelligent child.

He can be capable of amazing things if we just let him live his life and quit judging him. He is smarter than we are.

My son is 8, he reads, spells and punctuates at a University level. Who would not want this?? If so WHY????

My husband and I are some of the luckiest people in the word to have such a special little boy. I am a mother just like you. I love my son. He is not broken, he is perfect.

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