Sunday, October 21, 2007


We went to Camdenton last Tuesday to meet the Everhart family. How I found the Everhart's is a fun story in itself. I met Sally online. I have joined some yahoo autism groups. I saw one for the Lake of the Ozarks families and I joined. I talked to Sally by email and phone. After a few conversations, I knew her story was essential for our series.

The Everhart family was our first family shoot. So far, we had only interviewed doctors. Everything becomes real when you meet the faces of autism. The Everhart family has two children with autism. They have four children total.
This family is beyond strong.

The family was open and honest throughout the entire interview. They answered every single question. I asked them several personal questions. 3 out of 4 families with a child who has autism end in divorce...I asked how they stay together with two children on the spectrum.

While the family was open about their hardships, they also were so candid to tell me what a blessing their children are. They told me they wouldn't take Brandon and Halie any other way. They have a moving story and I can't wait to share the rest with you.

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