Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autism information

This post was emailed to this blog--AR

I saw your post on the autism speaks message board requesting information for a news story. Perhaps you might find this useful. I recently completed a novel with the goal to educate the general public about autism spectrum disorders while reading an interesting story. It is currently available on If you would like for me to send a review copy to you, please reply with an address for me to mail the book.
Synopsis: In rapid succession, a typical college student experiences two dramatic events, one positive and one negative. While coming to terms with the impact of this on her life, she becomes a single parent of an extremely difficult child. The main character, Cassandra Delaine struggles to retain her sanity and understand her place in the world. In the process, Cassie reaches out to a group of other mothers of children on the autism spectrum. Through her experiences, readers of my novel, a Pebble to Polish, learn a great deal about the many faces of autism, while immersed in an engaging tale.

Janet Lord Leszl
author of
A Pebble to Polish

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