Sunday, October 14, 2007

End The Controversy

Being a mom of an autistic boy is tuff, but not as tough as being the one diagnosed. Why are we all voluntaring ourselves to experiments with vaccines on babies. If autism is diagnosed at age three like my sons then why not wait for vaccines. It would sure end this huge controversy over vaccines. The government cant control us that much. We need to come together and try this for our babies. The reason being its not just the Mercury, and excluding that isnt going to end this. Its everything that makes up the vaccines including toxins. If a babys immune system isnt fully developed how are we letting the CDC inject them with 36 vaccines? What would the harm be by waitng until the age of 4 or 5. Im afraid the only harm would be to the CDC. We need to stand up for our babies.


treeheart said...

definlity...that is a problem...nothing good could come of it...and besides autisim isn't a deisese it is just who we are..."it's in our genes"

Julishere said...

It may be in our genes now, but its not who we are suppose to be.I beleive its a form of brain damage.A developemental disorder meaning something is preventing the normal development of the brain.Autism does not run in my family.