Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jeremy- Mark

As a research assistant, I have been searching for a local adult with autism, who would speak with us on camera, for the last several weeks. When I received an email that Jeremy and his mom, Robin, were willing to speak with Ashley, I was thrilled. I was eager to hear Jeremy's story because he is at that age level and transition in life when adults with autism have the potential to be left in the dust and fail to plug in to society. Robin cares deeply for her son and they have both been proactive in connecting Jeremy to the community.

It might have taken years for Jeremy to receive the correct diagnosis, but once his condition was defined, he has utilized many community resources to ensure that his condition does not define him. When asked his favorite hobbies, Jeremy immediately knew the answer - computers. During the interview, Jeremy was curious about our video camera. To be completely honest, he knew far more about our station's equipment than I did - a testament to the knowledge that some adults with autism, especially Jeremy, possess. Jeremy knows that he wants to work with computers and technology in some capacity and that is where his energy is focused right now; Jeremy has motivation that many college students spend four years trying to develop.

Jeremy is the same age as me, which means that we share some future goals - learning a life skill, finding a job and picking that first apartment. I want to say that Jeremy is like every other 20 year old, but the fact is that he is not; Jeremy has faced a level of challenge that many 20 year olds never face. I'm certain that his perseverance will come through in the series.

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