Saturday, October 13, 2007

Story Idea-Awareness

This parent wants more coverage of awareness. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

hello, my name is Georgina and I live in Ca. I know you are doing a story in our own area but if you could please somehow pass it over to other stations around the US.

I say that because there are so many families who children have this and struggle so much. And if we educate our media, maybe some awareness can come out of it.

I suggest to cover if you have not already been told about how many times most families have to go to see doctors before they get the right diagnose. That there are still doctors out there like my peds doctor which had told me that my son was ADHD and then just gave me drugs for it.

And just like any other parent, I tried it but it did not work. He got worse, so bad that he attack me. And he was never like that. So we stop the drugs and we had to go ourselves to see what we needed to do.

It wasn't until my teacher who was at one point a child psychologist that advise me to see a nuro doctor then go and see a child phy to get an psychological evaluation. And that did not come from my son's own doctor. We went through hoops before we found out what was wrong with him. And cover please please not just the children that can not function so well with autism but the high functioning one. You don't know what it is like for a parent (like me) who child is like that and how other people treat him when he is having a melt down.

I tell you if you ask parents like us, you would be amazed on how many people look at them and say there is nothing wrong with them. And the school system... yea, they treat them like nothing is wrong with them either because they don't look like the rest of the other kids who have it and are in bad cases. When I try to give my son's teacher papers on or about his condition, she did not take it. She said that she had a child who had a different type. And what people don't understand that yes there are different types but they are different in other areas.

So now we can only hope that his school will either give him what he needs or we may have to get him changed. There are many parents who are battling with their schools about this... you would be amazed or unless you know of many parents already that is going through that. thank you for hearing my input. I do hope I have helped a little!


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