Monday, October 29, 2007


I just officially wrapped up my First View video of our day in Springfield, IL with Dr. Ayoub, the part-time radiologist and part-time autism/vaccine researcher. (You can see the video above) It was so hard to decide which clips of the interview would work best in the video - Dr. Ayoub had so much to say! I loved how he was direct with his responses and it was easy to tell how invested he is in his research and this cause.

Despite our "detour" in St. Louis and getting to Springfield later than expected, Dr. Ayoub still welcomed us to the hospital and allowed us to get a feel for his work environment outside of his autism and vaccine studies.

My favorite part of the interview was when he explained how each parent should do his or her own research to make informed decisions about vaccines. I really appreciated how he shared his opinion, but also recognized that each family needs to make up its own mind regarding the health of its children.

I'm thrilled for everyone to see the interview as part of the series - you won't want to miss it!

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