Friday, October 26, 2007

McDonagh Medical Center- First View

Here is a sneak peek for our bloggers about our trip to K.C. thanks to Robert for doing this!


Anonymous said...

30 papers! Are they listed in PubMed? Do any of those papers address chelation for autism?

I hope your asking some tough questions.

KOMUrkessler said...

I believe you can find all of his papers on his website, the address is I think that you will be pleased with the questions we asked. Dr. Rudolph is certainly an expert.

Matt said...

Dr. Rudolph is certainly an expert.

An expert in what? Seriously. It appears that his main business is performing chelation on the elderly--something the FDA has listed as one of the top 10 medical frauds.

Where is his expertise in autism?

Did you check the papers on his website. Did you notice that these are titles of papers in a self-published book?!?

I am sorry, but this is starting to get scary. Does anyone at your station know the difference between peer-reviewed science in a high-impact journal and self-published books?

This gentleman is by no means an expert in anything based on that. By presenting him on the air, you are sending kids to his practice!