Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Fore Sam said...

Laura Paxton is wrong about every aspect of autism.

Low functioning autistic children who have been deemed retarded are not. The proper definition of autism is an inability to pay attention to anything. As the mercury is removed from the brains of these supposedly retarded children, they are slowly able to function.

People with Asperger's are not more intelligent than the rest of the population. If they were, they would understand that going through life with a disability is not very smart, especially when that disability is curable.

There is, and never will be a genetic marker for autism that will produce abortions. That is because autism is not genetic. It is caused by mercury and Richard Deth,PhD has described precisely how this happens.

Getting the Truth Out is a complete and utter sham. The actress who stars in that photoessay is not autistic and never was. She was a normal child with a high intellect who went to college at age 13, scrambled her brain with magic mushrooms and LSD, became an elf, spent a couple of months in a residential facility due to concerns of suicide and, now, tries to obfuscate the truth about autism by making people think it is something to celebrate. She does not want a cure because she knows there is no cure for LSD psychosis.

Neurodiversity is a front for the pharmaceutical industry which has conned a bunch of young people into taking sides against themselves by bashing every biomedical treatment that helps autistic people. A lot of the adults who diagnosed themselves with autism and claim they do not want a cure do not meet the DSM parameters for being autistic.

For over 100 posts that detail the sham of neurodiversity and all that it stands for, visit the Hating Autism blog by clicking on my name.

Anonymous said...

I too am totally turned off and insulted by someone who claims to know all about autism and that it just means being "different" and we should stop trying to fix it.

I will never stop trying to help my 2 kids who are diagnosed with ASD!!! I am not trying to change them!!!

Would you say the same thing about someone who has cancer ( we shouldn't treat them, let them just be who they are, cancer and all!)

What a bunch of rubbish!


mojoschmo said...

I don't want to be 'fixed' or 'cured'. I don't have trouble concentrating - I go for long periods of time when I write, or get interested in something. Lack of focus is an ADD or ADHD thing, not autism!

I can't comment on the validity of the web sites, but it is certainly true that 'most' of the brilliant geniuses who have made major contributions to society were or are autistic - somewhere on the spectrum. If these people had been given medication, anxiety reducers, etc. to 'fix' them, they would also be slower and not as capable of the major discoveries that have been made.

Anyway, I'm not too qualified to say. I have many many many initials after my name, and yet, when it comes to communication, I am lousy unless I can write. Most of the time I can speak. Occasionally, I can not. I appear to be as neurotypical as most until I open my mouth. Then I get teased about making 'thesis statements' LOL. I don't care because it's just how I think and I can accept myself for who I am, and my friends also do.

The greatest healing comes through acceptance. And I'm not talking about healing symptoms, I'm talking about healing the agony of existing around people who try to tell us that we should be different. That we should spend ALL our energy trying to fit in, rather than just being who we are and having energy for what our strengths are.

If one spends all their energy on trying to fix their weaknesses, there is no time to grow their strenghts. On the other hand, if we can accept our weaknesses, we can also do great things with our strengths. (That works for all people).

My friends just call me 'quirky' or sometimes, fondly, OCD. I have also been called eccentric. It's all ok by me :)

I take no meds for autism/asperger's.

Don't tell me anymore that I need to change or to be fixed. I am who I was created to be. And this bit about genetics? Funny - my dad was autistic - he was an inventor for CGE. My brother is autistic. He has taken two businesses and put them on the stock market. My uncle is an incredibly quirky and eccentric hermit.

Brilliance runs in my family - so does poor social skills, trouble with communication, quirkiness and eccentricity, an incredible dislike of social gatherings.

I know, for MBTI fans, that this sounds like the INTJ/P personality type. And as far as my informal research goes, most of the auts I know belong in these categories except one ISTJ and an ENFP. The ENFP I really don't understand how it can possibly fit, but it's there, just to challenge the pattern I suppose. But Autism/Asperger's have more social problems than the MBTI of INTJ/P would suggest. It's more than just personality type.

Laugh about it, live life and have fun - whatever it is that is fun for each person. Whether it be partying with friends (ACK!) or reading a book written in another new language, each to their own.


Zurama said...

She is so far off!!