Sunday, October 28, 2007


We recently traveled to Camdenton, Missouri where we spent time with the Everhart family, a family of six. Halie and Brandon have autism.

When we arrived in Camdenton, Missouri we went to Brandon’s Tae Kwon Do class. We filmed Brandon doing his karate. This is where we first met the family. I had a lot of fun shooting them with my camera.

After we finished the class we went back to the family’s home where we met Sally’s husband Ray. I asked the kids a couple of questions with camera just about how old they were and if they liked school.

The family made dinner that night and we were able to be there during that process. While Sally and Ray finished cooking dinner, Ashley interviewed the two children. I was really surprised at this point, because usually when children are interviewed they get camera shy. However, Halie and Brandon really opened up and gave us some great answers.

Ashley then interviewed the parents which went well. I feel that the trip was a success and we had a great time with the kids.

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